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Novell Releases Early Access Technologies

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01 Jan 1997

Enhances IntranetWare Internet Security and Performance

Novell has announced the availability of an early access release of key network services for business intranets and the Internet, including proxy caching, security services and virtual private network (VPN) technologies. These technologies accelerate information access on the Internet and intranets; provide secure computing over the Internet; and reduce the cost of intranet and Internet connections. Novell plans to incorporate the technologies in its platform and network services product line in 1997, delivering to customers the comprehensive and powerful set of network services they need to exchange and access information quickly and confidentially.

The new technologies are intended to allow customers to more securely and efficiently implement intranet and Internet capabilities by:

  • Delivering cached HTML (intranet or Internet)pages to end users 4 10 times faster*;

  • Reducing the cost of Internet connections by reducing WAN traffic up to 60 percent*;

  • Reducing the cost of corporate WAN connections by allowing all or part of customers'intranets to run securely over the Internet with a virtual private network;

  • Reducing hardware costs by balancing the workload on Internet and intranet web servers;

  • Providing comprehensive control by providinga single point of security administration for intranets and the Internet through Novell Directory Services (NDS).

"Novell has identified components for Internet/intranet security and connectivity that will be key for us in safely implementing our intranet and in managing Internet access," said Dr. Angel Sanchez, division administrator, information resources and technology, Kern County Superintendent of Schools. "The early access demonstrates to me that Novell is well on its way to providing a compelling solution in that area."

"Novell is building on its full service intranet platform by providing new technologies to enhance customers' ability to extend their LAN's reach to the Internet and extend their intranet capabilities with the performance, reliability and security they have come to expect from Novell." said Anthony Antonuccio, vice president of product planning and management. "We are committed to the early access program as a means of giving those customers, developers and channel partners advance looks at our technologies in development."

The early access CD includes a multi user license time bombed to expire April 15, 1997. Novell emphasizes that all early access technologies are in various stages of completion and should be installed and run only in isolated environments until they have been more fully tested and are officially released.

The new technologies, detailed below, are designed to improve performance, enhance security and improve manageability of Internet/intranet connections.

Proxy Caching

Novell's proxy caching allows users faster access to HTML pages by storing frequently used pages in a local area proxy cache. Pages will be stored and updated based on frequency of use, file size and time to live dates. By delivering faster web access, proxy caching reduces the time users spend waiting to view the information they need. Because proxy caching avoids constantly reloading frequently used pages from the Internet, it frees bandwidth for more productive uses. In addition, the proxy cache includes SSL bind session support to enable secure transactions with SSL web servers.

Security Services

Novell's security services provide administrators with a comprehensive, firewall class security framework. The circuit gateway and HTTP proxy employ full NDS integration to control user access to Internet and intranet applications, sites, and content. Filtering and IP network address translation are offered at the packet level for systems and applications not using the proxy cache or circuit gateway.

Virtual Private Networking Services

Novell's VPN services will cost effectively extend the reach of customers' intranets by enabling them to securely run over the Internet via encrypted tunneling. VPN services work in conjunction with IntranetWare's WAN routing options, including Point to Point Protocol (PPP) over leased lines, Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) lines and analog dial up lines, as well as frame relay and X.25.

Additional Technologies

Other technologies available in the early access release that will enable customers to build or enhance their intranets include:

  • Remote Access Services to provide customers withremote dial in and dial out capabilities for accessto corporate intranets. This includes the ability to provide telecommuting access via ISDN.

  • Advanced Routing Services to provide customers with the ability to expand and scale their IPX networks with hierarchical routing. This includes address translation gateways for both IPX and IP, so that networks can be easily combined and secured.

  • A persistent storage system (code namedZ File Services) to provide customers with a scalable, portable, fast restart, back up storage system within which file and web services are supported. The existing NetWare file system is also fully supported.

Novell has also updated several technologies already available in early access to reflect continuing development. These include Novell Distributed Print Services, Novell Replication Services, the next phase of IP, and Novell ATM LAN Emulation.

More Information

For additional information on Novell's early access release, please refer to Novell's Early Access Release World Wide Web site, The site contains additional information on early access technologies including technical white papers and answers to frequently asked questions. Novell will not offer general technical support for early access releases.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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