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Novell Web Server 3.0 Enters Beta

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01 Jan 1997

Novell Web Server 3.0 Enters Beta

Novell has announced beta availability of Novell Web Server 3.0, the next release of Novell's high performance solution for publishing Web documents on business intranets and the Internet. Novell Web Server 3.0 delivers new and improved features, such as Secure Sockets Layer 3.0 (SSL), for enhanced security; virtual directories, for simplified management; increased performance that keeps the product ahead of other solutions in its class; Oracle connectivity, for expanded access to critical corporate information; and the Novell QuickFinder; search engine, for indexing intranet files. Novell Web Server 3.0 also supports Perl 5.0 and NetBasic scripting, which enables users to create powerful intranet applications.

Integrated with Novell's IntranetWare platform, Novell Web Server 3.0 is the only solution of its kind that allows customers to access and secure information with comprehensive directory services. The enhanced product leverages the full power of Novell Directory Services, providing access from any Web browser to information on network users and resources. Network administrators and users can efficiently organize, manage and access user names, e mail addresses, Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), lists of equipment and applications, and other information.

Novell Web Server 3.0 connects seamlessly with existing IntranetWare environments, allowing customers to leverage their existing network investment and expertise. The beta software will be available for free download the week of December 16, by registering through the Novell World Wide Web site at

"Efficiency is a number one priority for our employees," said Matt Dillon, network specialist for ITT Fluid Technology Corp. "Novell Web Server 3.0 demonstrates better performance than any other Web server, while ensuring high security and ease of use for administrators. It allows us to leverage our current investment in IntranetWare and NetWare to attain our goal of providing information to anyone, anywhere, anytime."

SSL 3.0 Heightens Intranet Security

Novell Web Server 3.0 now includes SSL, a technology that encrypts the exchange of information between browsers and Web servers. SSL ensures that data integrity is preserved, allowing users to send secure information over the Internet and intranet. Novell is partnering with VeriSign, Inc., a software company that provides both private and public digital keys (also referred to as certificates) to lock and unlock the transmitted information. Each Novell Web Server 3.0 and browser can be equipped with a set of keys to authenticate identity and ensure data security. SSL was incorporated into Novell Web Server 3.0 using the SecureWeb Toolkit, a technology recently licensed from Terisa Systems, Inc.

SSL combines with NDS security to create a secure intranet platform. NDS offers users a single point of intranet security administration and provides the highest level of protection for customers' intranets. The Web server also ensures Internet protection, by filtering users through previously defined IP addresses, user names and host names.

Virtual Directories Simplify Network Management

Novell Web Server 3.0 also includes virtual directories, a technology that allows Web pages to reside on any IntranetWare or NetWare server, not just the Web server. This reduces the number of Web servers a Webmaster must install and maintain for an intranet, simplifying management and reducing overall administrative costs. NDS integration ensures control of information stored in Web pages throughout the network.

Web Server 3.0 Demonstrates Market Leading Performance

Novell Web Server 3.0 is the fastest Web server in its class, doubling the performance of Novell Web Server 2.5, which is widely considered the performance leader on the Intel platform. The latest version logs over 600 connections per second, on a 128 client network, which means users spend significantly less time waiting for critical information stored on Internet and intranet Web pages. Novell Web Server 3.0 maximizes network efficiency by minimizing the use of CPU resources. Users can combine Web, file and print functions onto one server, leveraging the full power of IntranetWare and eliminating the need for a dedicated Web server.

"Novell Web Server 3.0 is an invaluable component of our customers' intranet solutions, providing fast access to information across numerous desktop platforms," said William Donahoo, senior director of product marketing for Novell. "Novell Web Server 3.0 yields an increased return on investment for customers who already enjoy the security and ease of use offered by IntranetWare and NDS. The new product is fully integrated with IntranetWare, ensuring an extension of these benefits and making it a logical Web server selection."

Users and Developers Benefit from Oracle Database Connectivity

Novell Web Server 3.0 enables increased user access to critical information by providing comprehensive Oracle connectivity. Novell Web Server 3.0 allows users to access information stored in Oracle databases on any platform. Oracle connectivity also benefits developers, allowing them to create Web based database applications.

Novell QuickFinder Indexes Popular Business Applications

Novell Web Server 3.0 now includes Novell QuickFinder, a search engine that automatically indexes files on the Web server, including HTML, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and WordPerfect files. Novell QuickFinder provides efficient document indexing, creating indexes that are less than 10 percent of the original document size. This is up to four times more efficient than competitive products.

Additional New Features and Enhancements

Novell Web Server 3.0 also offers customers the following new features and enhancements:

  • Multi homing lets a single Novell Web Serverhost an unlimited number of multiple domains;

  • Perl 5.0 which benefits developers by providingthe most popular language for creating Common Gateway Interface(GCI) programs.

Novell Web Server 3.0 allows Webmasters to reduce the number of Web servers on the network, simplifying management and making it a cost effective solution for Novell customers.

Pricing and Availability

Novell Web Server 3.0 beta software will be available the week of December 16 for download at no cost. Customers can register for the software through the Novell World Wide Web site at The final version of the Web server software will be available in the first quarter of 1997. For more information call 1 800 NETWARE.

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