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Cross-Platform Services Released to OEM Partners

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01 Jul 1996

Novell Delivers Services on Additional Server Platforms

Novell recently announced the availability of Novell Cross-Platform Services-source code that will enable original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners, such as Hewlett-Packard Company (HP), to integrate NetWare 4.1 network services into other operating system platforms. With this product, OEM partners will be able to provide their customers with the benefits of Novell's industry-standard Novell Directory Services (NDS), NetWare File Services, NetWare Print Services, and other key networking technologies in their respective operating systems.

By working with OEM partners to provide Novell services on multiple server platforms, Novell Cross-Platform Services will provide benefits to both network end users and network administrators. End users will have transparent access to resources and information residing on any network server through the same, standard Novell client software interface.

This transparent access expands users' network boundaries and increases the number of readily available resources and services. By using the same network services across server platforms, network managers can more easily administer these heterogeneous environments.

"Delivery of this technology demonstrates Novell's commitment to executing on its network-focused strategy announced in 1995. Customers have been asking for this level of integration and last fall we promised to make NetWare's industry-leading services available on other platforms. Now we are delivering technology that will provide these networking services on UNIX, Windows NT, and other operating systems," said Marc Epstein, vice president of marketing for the Network Services Division at Novell. "Novell Cross"Platform Services is one of a series of deliverables that fulfills our promise to give organizations access to the best networking services in the industry, regardless of an organization's server platform choices."

Novell Cross-Platform Services will enable OEMs such as HP to expand and enhance their own operating system offerings. OEMs can deliver NDS and other proven NetWare 4.1 services to their customers, providing a firm network foundation for heterogeneous corporate environments and the Internet.

OEM Participation Hewlett Packard Company and The Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) are among the first partners to announce plans to develop products using Novell Cross-Platform Services. -We are very excited to get in on the ground floor with Novell Cross-Platform Services," said Carol Mills, general manager of HP's General System Division. "This product will enable us to provide our customers with the services available on the industry's leading PC network operating system (NOS), NetWare 4.1, through our enterprise-class HP-UX operating system. Today's announcement is an important addition to the HP IT Collaboration Program, which emphasizes the strong integration of HP-UX with Novell NetWare and PC desktops."

SCO began shipping Novell Cross-Platform Services on SCO UnixWare 2.1 in April. Novell partnered with SCO last September to deliver Novell Cross-Platform Services on UnixWare.

Benefits of NetWare 4.1 Services for Network Users and Administrators This technology broadens the spectrum of server platform choices, enabling more users to fully access services and features that have made NetWare the NOS market leader. Greater availability of resources for end users, and more visual tools to aid network management and administration result in lower costs of ownership for organizations relying on heterogeneous networks.

As increasing numbers of businesses rely on computer networking to improve productivity, they require solutions to help unify their disparate computing platforms into a single, usable, manageable network.

Novell Cross-Platform Services enables organizations to create these kinds of solutions because network end users can leverage their existing NetWare client software to locate and use resources throughout the network regardless of the platform on which the resource resides.

Novell Cross-Platform Services includes:

  • Novell Directory Services (NDS)

  • NetWare 4.1 File and Print Services

  • Scalable support for SMP environments

Directory services provide a network infrastructure to aid network administration and management and organization of information, people, and services. NDS is a global, distributed information database that provides a single, logical view of all network services and resources.

Using NDS, network administrators can locate information quickly and allocate resources to groups of users more efficiently, easing repetitive network administration and management tasks. NDS also simplifies end user access to network applications and resources by enabling them to connect to all authorized resources through a single network log-in.

Access to Novell file services will ease file sharing for heterogeneous network users. The entire file system will be visible through users' NDS interfaces, which will help users locate information whether it resides on a NetWare or UNIX server.

Print services allow users easy access to any network printing device regardless of its location. Novell Cross-Platform Services will also enable users to access any printer on the network regardless of platform, increasing the number of printing devices available to users. Network administrators will be able to manage access rights to NetWare and UNIX print resources from a single source, simplifying print administration and management.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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