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01 Jul 1996

NetWare Multimedia Self-Study Course Announced

In June, Novell's Developer Education department released the first in a series of animated and narrated multimedia self-study courses. Module 1 of the series, NetWare Programming Fundamentals, is a self paced, multimedia course for client server programming in the NetWare environment.

The course contains voice narrated, animated lectures explaining concepts of NetWare programming. Each lecture has a self-test section that allows the students to verify their knowledge of the objectives before moving on to the next lecture. Labs are included where the students use the supplied NetWare SDK files to write source code and develop a simple NetWare client-server application.

The figure below shows a screen from the course. It includes a window displaying the animated portion of the lecture, a scrollable text field at the bottom, and buttons to move through the course including Help and Search functions.

Online Demonstration If you would like to see an online demonstration of this course in action, refer to the World Wide Web at

Audience The course is targeted for beginning NetWare developers. These are individuals who have backgrounds in C programming on other platforms, but have little or no experience programming in the NetWare environment.

Prerequisites The only required prerequisite is the ability to program in C. However, we strongly recommend that students have a knowledge of the NetWare 4 environment. This knowledge can be obtained by attending Course 520, NetWare 4 Administration.

Course Objectives Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the components and processes involvedin developing an efficient NetWare client server application.

  • Use the NetWare SDK to write the client and NLM sides of a simple NetWare client server application.

  • Use NCP Extension APIs to communicate between the client and server sides of the application.

Course Length The length of time required to complete the course will vary depending on the student's background; however, we estimate that a student in our target audience will require approximately eight hours to complete the course.

Minimum System Requirements Windows 95 or Windows 3.1 PC with minimum 486/66 processor, mouse or compatible pointer, 16MB RAM, double speed CD ROM drive, VGA graphics with 256 colors, minimum 25 MB of hard disk space available.

Note:Although a sound card and speakers (or headphones), are not required, we strongly recommend them to take full advantage of the voice narrations in the course.

Software Requirements for Lab Exercises The instruction for the hands on labs for the course are based on using Borland C++ version 4.5. (The course lectures, however, are NOT specific to any development environment) A partially enabled version of Base Technology's NetWare NLM SDK Level 1 is installed into the Borland environment when you install the course.

Selected NetWare SDK files which you will need to do the labs are installed at this time. If you do not have access to Borland, you can still do the labs, but you will need to translate the lab steps into your development environment (i.e., Microsoft Visual C++, WATCOM).

Ordering Information for non DeveloperNet Subscribers This course is being offered at a introductory price of $149.95 and will be available June 25th. To place an order, call 1 800 REDWORD (1 800 733 9673).

Note:Purchasers of this course are eligible for a $75 dollar discount on a DeveloperNet subscription if they join within 60 days after purchasing the course.

DeveloperNet Subscription DeveloperNet subscribers will receive this course as part of their subscription. With a DeveloperNet subscription, you will also receive quarterly Novell SDK updates as well as DeveloperNet Support and many other benefits. To learn more about DeveloperNet or to subscribe online, refer to the World Wide Web at, or CompuServe: 76701,171. (Also, see page 91 of this issue for a detailed description of DeveloperNet.) If you prefer, you may phone 1 800 REDWORD.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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