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Novell Delivers NetWare Client 32 for Windows 95

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01 Apr 1996

Novell Delivers NetWare Client 32 for Windows 95

In February, Novell announced availability of its NetWare Client 32 for Windows 95, the only client software to provide full connectivity to NetWare 4 services, including Novell's industry standard NetWare Directory Services (NDS). Available free of charge, the 32 bit client offers seamless integration with Windows 95 installation processes and network interfaces to provide access to NetWare services.

With NetWare Client 32, Novell is also delivering NetWare Application Manager that allows administrators to manage and access desktop and network applications across the network, through NDS. Together, these products constitute a key component in Novell's strategy to enable a Smart Global Network by extending NetWare services to a broad range of desktops, application servers, and intelligent devices.


The NetWare Client 32 for Windows 95 leverages the Windows 95 interface to provide users tight integration while easing installation and delivering comprehensive NDS access and support. Users can customize the client's configuration through the Windows 95 Registry to optimize performance and enable security features.

Novell's NetWare client also enables users to:

  • Access network services globally through native Windows 95 Network Neighborhood and Explorer interfaces

  • View network wide NetWare directory resources hierarchically, including NetWare servers, printers, and services, by leveraging the Windows 95 "Provider" interface

  • Browse for servers or NDS trees to select networkre sources during a graphical login

  • Authenticate to, and simultaneously browse resources on multiple NDS trees

  • Take advantage of extensive automatic reconnect capabilities, including open files and file locks

  • Access NetWare 2.x, 3.x and 4.x resources fully

  • Support long file name conventions

  • Access servers remotely using NetWare Connector Remote Access Server (RAS)

  • Use multiple network transport protocols, hardware and applications

  • Ensure reliable network security.

In addition, the NetWare Client 32 for Windows 95 provides administrators with the following capabilities to manage their networks:

  • Configure multiple workstation clients through system policies

  • Use a graphical management tool to administer individual NetWare file access and rights

  • Refresh client software automatically across a network with Automatic Client Update

  • Easily administer network applications accessed by users with NetWare Application Manager.

Simplified Network Administration

The NetWare Application Manager works together with NDS to simplify network applications management by allowing central administration of applications that users can access at their desktops. From any single point on the network, administrators can install or upgrade applications and ensure changes dynamically appear on users' desktops.

The NetWare Client 32 for Windows 95 with NetWare Application Manager is available now to NetWare users electronically, free of charge, from NetWire on CompuServe (GO NWCL32) and the World Wide Web ( The NetWare Client 32 for Windows 95 with NetWare Application Manager will also be available from authorized Novell resellers in April for US$99. For additional information, customers can contact Novell at 800 NETWARE, or download information from NetWire on CompuServe or the World Wide Web (

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