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New NLM Gateways for GroupWise

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01 Feb 1996

Users Benefit from Enhanced Performance and Ease of System Management

Novell recently made available several new gateways for GroupWise that increase message throughput, reduce customer hardware requirements, and simplify system management by running directly on NetWare 3 and 4 servers as NetWare Loadable Modules (NLMs). The new NLMs can process up to five times as many messages as the same GroupWise gateways running on DOS or OS/2, while enabling customers to integrate management of the network and messaging system on the same cost effective server platform.

The new NLM gateways for GroupWise include Async for remote connections; Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), for direct Internet E mail access; X.400, for integration with native and X.400 compliant environments; OfficeVision/VM (PROFS), for communication with IBM PROFS users; and SNADS, for access to IBM's SNADS users.

"These new NLMs address the two major issues associated with running a messaging system: implementation costs and speed," said Steve Adams, vice president, marketing, Novell GroupWare Division. "These products reduce the number of server machines required to maintain the system, as well as cut system administration costs. Furthermore, integration between GroupWise, NetWare, and Novell's ManageWise network management solution produces even lower system costs for organizations, and more simplified tasks for system administrators and MIS managers."

"As one of Novell's primary GroupWise integrators, relies on the powerful throughput of the Async NLM gateway to provide support for more than 4000 external domains on our Novell reseller RECS Hub, said Sean O'Gwin, vice president, consulting services, "Because the NLMs take full advantage of the multi threading environment of NetWare, we now have a more reliable messaging system that will accommodate multiple thousands of users. We also save a significant amount of money on hardware by running the NLM right on the file server."

The NLM gateways for GroupWise are key components in Novell's strategy to provide rich access to a Smart Global Network from a broadrange of desktop and server platforms. All GroupWise gateways provide common services, ensuring the consistent handling of message information as it flows in and out of the GroupWise system. Novell is the only messaging vendor in the industry that designs, builds and supports its own gateways to connect GroupWise customers to multiple E mail systems, including the Internet.

NLM Gateways

  • Async NLM Gateway-The Async NLM gateway connectsremote users and GroupWise domains across a dial up connection.This multi threaded gateway supports up to 32 modems.

  • SMTP NLM Gateway-The SMTP NLM gateway allows GroupWise users to send/receive Internet E mail messages. The GroupWise Universal In Box is the access point for all messages. Each GroupWise user is automatically assigned a native Internet address. Support for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME)to be released in Q1'96 will also allow GroupWise users to seamlessly exchange messages with other SMTP and MIME compliant Internet mail users for more accurate interpretation and presentation by the receiving mail agent.

  • X.400 NLM Gateway-The X.400 NLM gateway allows GroupWise to operate on an X.400 backbone or Value Added Network. The GroupWise client becomes an X.400 compliant User Agent that can exchange messages with native X.400 User Agents or other messaging systems that use an X.400 compliant gateway. Each GroupWise user is automatically assigned an X.400 address.

  • Office Vision/VM NLM Gateway-The OV/VM NLM gateway lets GroupWise users and IBM's Office Vision/VM (formerly PROFS) users exchange messages, appointments and attachments. The gateway also supports directory synchronization, bi directional scheduler free time searches, and user migration.

  • SNADS NLM Gateway-IBM's SNADS is a mail routingsystem that runs on mini and mainframe computers using an IBM operating system. The GroupWise SNADS NLM gateway lets GroupWise and SNADS users exchange messages, appointments and attachments with SNADS based E mail systems.

5 Million Users Worldwide With 5 million users worldwide including Kinko's Copy Centers and Domino's Pizza, GroupWise was the first and remains the only enterprise wide, collaborative computing application to integrate electronic mail, personal calendaring, group scheduling, task management, Internet messages, faxes, paging, rules based message management, and workflow routing. Its Universal In Box allows users to access and act on information in one place, eliminating the need to piece together information from separate applications or gather information from several different locations. Because of its messaging based architecture, GroupWise is able to deliver and receive information immediately instead of making users wait for predetermined replication periods.

Availability and Pricing The Async, SMTP and X.400 gateways are now available. The Office Vision/VM and SNADS gateways will be available in Q1 '96. The GroupWise NLM gateways are sold separately from the GroupWise Admin/Client pack and Server Pack. Suggested retail prices for the NLM gateways are Async, $495; SMTP, $2,995; X.400, $995; and the Office Vision/VM and SNADS NLM gateways, $9,995 each. For more information on the GroupWise NLM gateways or other GroupWare products and services, please call Novell GroupWare Product Information at (800) 861 2507 or access the Novell World Wide Web site at

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