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Richard Smith
Novell AppNotes

01 Aug 2003

Welcome to our first "Linux Corner" column. This month we'll present the June 24, 2003 Novell announcement regarding the future release of Novell Nterprise Linux Services. Future Linux Corners will cover the technical details of implementing and developing to these and future services and offerings on Linux.

This press release will help you understand the direction Novell is taking and will give you some idea on what to expect in the future. This announcement has stirred significant reaction across the Linux community.

As with any operating system, Linux needs a strong reliable infrastructure in order to be a success. Novell Nterprise Linux Services brings proven Novell technologies such as eDirectory, DirXML, and iFolder to the Linux platform. And with the support of other industry leaders who will provide Novell Nterprise Linux Services as part of their offerings, Novell also brings its support and training organizations into the equation. Both have long been recognized in the industry as benchmarks for other organizations and will now target the Linux platform for their services.

Check out for more information on Novell Nterprise Linux Services beta program.

Dell, HP, and IBM to Offer Novell Nterprise Linux Services to Their Customers

As part of its recently announced plan to provide customers the choice of running all of Novell's advanced network services for business on Linux--including the entire services stack in the future NetWare 7--Novell today introduced Novell Nterprise Linux Services, giving customers file, print, messaging, directory and management services in an integrated package that runs and will be supported on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SuSE Linux Enterprise Server distributions. Available later this year along with comprehensive Novell technical support, training and consulting services for Linux, Nterprise Linux Services combines the benefits of Linux with proven, rock-solid support and network services from Novell.

Novell today also announced agreements with Dell, HP, and IBM through which the three major hardware vendors will offer Novell's Linux solutions to their customers, working with Novell to provide full training and support.

"Novell's focus is on secure solutions that provide people with the same quality experience, no matter where they're located or what kind of device or operating system they're using," said Jack Messman, chairman and CEO of Novell. "We've followed this model successfully with many of our solutions already. Providing network services on Linux is a natural extension of our proven cross-platform strategy and brings the value of secure, scalable and reliable Novell networking to the rapidly growing Linux server market. And the support of the major hardware players ensures customers will be able to obtain and run these proven Novell network services on the operating system and hardware platform of their choice."

The initial version of Novell Nterprise Linux Services is comprised of a number of Novell network services integrated into a single business solution. These include identity services via Novell eDirectory and DirXML, file services via Novell iFolder, printing services via iPrint, messaging services via NetMail, management services via ZENworks for Servers, and a Virtual Office for end-user access and productivity via exteNd Director Standard Edition. In addition, Novell iManager provides a browser-based, single point of administration for Nterprise Linux Services.

Dan Kusnetzky, vice president of System Software research for IDC, said, "IDC's demand-side research has indicated that Linux faces several impediments to mainstream acceptance including lack of Linux expertise and experience in the organization, an organization's ability to integrate Linux into their network, and issues with ongoing support of Linux environments. Novell's move to expand customers' options and support Linux is likely to go a long way towards resolving these issues in the minds of IT decision-makers in many organizations."

Novell's Linux consulting, technical support and training services, including the recently announced Novell Certified Linux Engineer program, round out Novell's Nterprise Linux Services solution. Novell consulting delivers direction-setting offerings such as strategy and return-on-investment analysis as well as implementation and migration services, and beginning in late 2003, Novell's Certified Linux Engineer program will combine certified expertise on Novell's Linux offerings with Linux Professional Institute (LPI) certification recommended as prerequisite knowledge. Novell is also empowering its top channel partners to provide the same quality support to the customers they serve.

Novell will continue to develop and enhance NetWare--a premier platform for delivering advanced network services for business--as its impending delivery of NetWare 6.5 illustrates. NetWare 6.5 includes business continuity, open source, Web application development and virtual office features, all of which will also be available and supported on the Linux kernel in the future. NetWare 6.5 and Nterprise Linux Services provide parallel paths for NetWare and Linux users until they meet at NetWare 7, when the complete Novell services set will run on both the NetWare and Linux kernels.

Novell partners and industry leaders agree that Linux is growing as a platform for critical enterprise services and Novell will add significant value to the Linux enterprise.

SuSE Linux CEO Richard Seibt: "Now, customers can leverage Novell's depth of experience in mission-critical infrastructure--combined with SuSE's proven world-class technology--to build the next generation of secure, scalable and platform-independent applications. Novell Nterprise Linux Services--running on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server--marks a seismic shift in the market for this truly disruptive technology."

Red Hat Vice President of Channel Sales Mike Evans: "Red Hat welcomes Novell Nterprise Linux Services running on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux family of products. With Novell's services, supported by Novell's worldwide support organization, running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, customers now have even more reasons to look to Linux for their mission-critical infrastructures. We look forward to working with Novell and our common global OEM partners--Dell, HP and IBM--to deliver robust solutions to the market."

Conectiva CEO Jaques Rosenzvaig: "As Conectiva sees Linux adoption increase in the marketplace, we also see the value of software services that make the platform even more attractive to enterprise customers. Novell Nterprise Linux Services combines Novell's technical expertise and proven market leadership to the benefit of the entire Linux community, including customers, developers and partners."

Turbolinux President and COO Koichi Yano: "Turbolinux has built its business as a provider of Linux to make enterprise computing simpler and more cost effective. As more customers turn to Turbolinux and demand the benefits of Linux, Novell's strategic direction and its Nterprise Linux Services will help feed that demand and provide customers with proven solutions from a proven vendor."

Computer Associates Senior Vice President and Chief Architect of the Linux Technology Group Sam Greenblatt: "Computer Associates is looking forward to supporting Novell Nterprise Linux Services with our backup and antivirus solutions for Linux. Customers are demanding software services on Linux that are reliable and secure, and CA and Novell are committed to providing solutions that deliver exactly that."

EMC Vice President of Global Solutions Don Swatik: "EMC and Novell have worked together to integrate EMC Automated Networked Storage with Novell Nterprise Linux Services. Our joint efforts ensure that customers deploying these innovative services from Novell can take full advantage of the information management, sharing and protection capabilities of EMC automated networked storage systems and software."

Ximian President and CEO David Patrick: "Novell has much to offer the Linux market with its innovative technology and established support infrastructure. The synergies between Ximian and Novell will help drive enterprise adoption of Linux by providing customers with cost-effective solutions that are easy to deploy and affordable to manage."

Open Source Development Lab (OSDL) CEO Stuart Cohen: "Novell Nterprise Linux Services offers Linux users proven infrastructure capabilities backed by enterprise-class support. Novell's announcement is confirmation that Linux is enterprise ready and should be considered by customers who want to take advantage of its benefits."

Nterprise Linux Services is part of Novell Nterprise, a set of offerings that improve communication, simplify and automate network management, and allow workers to be productive regardless of location, device or platform. Novell's GroupWise client for Linux desktops, for example, will be available later this year and will give customers additional choice for taking advantage of the most trusted and secure messaging platform in the industry.

Novell Nterprise Linux Services 1.0 beta testing begins in July. Pricing and general availability will be announced at a later date. For more information about Nterprise Linux Services and Novell's Linux strategy, or to apply to be a beta tester, visit

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