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Sampling of Line-of-Business Applications that Support the Novell Small Business Suite

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Buck Gashler
Product Manager
Novell, Inc.

01 May 2003

Novell resellers don't have to be convinced of the advanced feature set included in the applications that comprise the Novell Small Business Suite, not to mention the inherently superior dependability, reliability, and security of Novell software. They've learned all of this over time.

The challenge often facing the reseller is convincing the customer to choose the Novell Small Business Suite when the customer is most concerned with the line of business application that powers his business. In other words, will the line-of-business application support the Novell Small Business Suite that the reseller is recommending?

Line-of-business application examples might include the law practice software that enables a law firm to track its cases and bill accordingly. Or construction software that handles bids and subcontractor payments, and medical practice software that handles everything--from appointments to billing, to HIPAA compliance.

Many resellers may not be aware that there are hundreds of applications that support the Novell Small Business Suite. They do this through a shared storage drive, NetWare printing support, an application download from the NetWare server, or a full application execution as a NetWare Loadable Module (NLM) from the NetWare server.

At the request of many Novell resellers looking for industry-specific software applications that support the Novell Small Business Suite, the Novell Small Business Suite team has recently begun working with the Novell Cool Solutions group to notify resellers of some exceptional line-of-business applications. Resellers can view this through an ever-expanding Web page at that lists some of these applications, along with the means for resellers and vendors to notify Novell of other applications that support the Novell Small Business Suite.

Below is just a sampling of some of the applications currently listed.


AbacusLaw practice management software has helped over 100,001 attorneys and their staff to simplify, organize, and control their practices since 1988. AbacusLaw gives attorneys complete control of cases, contacts, calendars, dockets, ticklers, documents and conflicts through three product offerings:

  • AbacusLaw Professional

  • AbacusLaw Advanced

  • AbacusLaw Enterprise

While all versions support Novell NetWare, AbacusLaw Enterprise uniquely leverages NetWare's strengths by providing secure access, data protection, and increased speed in a true client/server database environment via the Advantage Database Server which runs as an NLM on the NetWare server. To find out more about AbacusLaw software, see

Agency Systems

Agency Systems is time-centered insurance agency management at its best. With all the features you should demand from a first-line system, including the first real-time, true insurance accounting, Agency Systems fulfills the promise of total insurance automation. With no end of day, month or year, your system is never down and you have access to all of your data and reports at any time. Other features include imaging, rating interface, company interface, ACORD forms, custom forms, detail coverage database, word processing, diary, suspense, marketing, quotes, submissions, and more.

Agency Systems supports the Novell Small Business Suite by enabling the application to be shared on the NetWare server, and leveraging NetWare's networking strengths including security, storage, printing, and management. To learn more about Agency Systems software, see

AltaPoint Medical

AltaPoint Medical, with its comprehensive practice management features, is "everything you need in one easy, integrated program." AltaPoint combines the mandatory patient and insurance billing, electronic claims processing, inventory, scheduling, reminders, and clinical record storage, and more. AltaPoint adds impressive advanced features, such as speech recognition for narrative dictation, picture and radiograph storage, and Palm Organizer support--all in one friendly and intuitive system.

AltaPoint Medical also includes practice-specific components for ophthalmologic, optometric, and chiropractic practice management. When running on a Novell Small Business Suite NetWare server, AltaPoint Medical provides an efficient, dependable, and secure, NLM-based, HIPAA-compliant client/server environment.

You can find AltaPoint Medical at

Everest Integrated Business

Everest Integrated Business from Icode provides a fully integrated, client/server based business and accounting suite of products. These products are designed to offer unsurpassed features, power, versatility, and affordability to a remarkable variety of industries.

Its 32-bit database NLM upgrades a NetWare server into a powerful business database server designed to manage the comprehensive business tools for accounting, order entry, perpetual inventory control, and business administration all at an affordable price for small- to mid-sized businesses. To find out more about Icode's Everest product line, see

Lytec Medical XE

Lytec Medical XE helps medical practices running the Novell Small Business Suite to easily and efficiently manage all aspects of their businesses through reliable, efficient, and streamlined task management. From insurance and patient billing transactions, appointment scheduling, submitting claims, authorizing referrals, and much more, Lytec Medical XE is the choice of thousands of medical practice professionals throughout the world.

When running in a Novell Small Business Suite client/server environment, Lytec Medical XE features are extended to an expanded set of users, while offering advanced storage and security capabilities. For more information, see

MediSoft Advanced Client/Server

MediSoft, the leading provider of software solutions for healthcare practices and billing services nationwide, leverages the power of the Novell Small Business Suite through the MediSoft Advanced Client/Server.

The NLM-based database (Advantage Database Server from Extended Systems) is the means of securely storing, processing, and transacting the product's advanced medical practice features. With the NLM-based database running natively on NetWare, network traffic is decreased, which in turn improves multi-user performance, while reducing the chance of data loss or corruption. To read up on these products, see


shopLink, from TIW Technology, is an inexpensive entry-level manufacturing system that combines essential and advanced manufacturing capabilities with an easy-to-use interface. Using shopLink, you can create complex bills of material, run costed BOM's, process material orders, and print Pick Tickets. When linked with a compatible accounting system, you can even do materials requirements planning (MRP).

shopLink, like all TIW software, supports the Novell Small Business Suite by utilizing the NetWare server as the means of providing secure and reliable application sharing, network printing, and data storage to shopLink users. You can find out more information about shopLink at

And the List Continues to Grow

Novell continues to be notified by resellers of the line-of-business applications they use with the Novell Small Business Suite to provide a complete network-based vertical market solution. As we're notified of these applications, and with the cooperation of the application vendors who develop these applications, we hope to continue to add to this list so that other resellers will also be made aware of these applications.

If you would like to notify us of an exceptional line of business application that supports the Novell Small Business Suite, let us know at the following link:


If you are a proud owner of the Novell Small Business Suite, take some time to look into the many possibilities of vertical markets and their products that can help you be more successful. Whatever market you are in, chances are there is a product that can help you on your way.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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