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Console Commands in NetWare 5.1: PVER, Register Memory, and the REM Commands

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Kevin Burnett
DeveloperNet University

01 Jul 2001

This section is one in a series that intends to describe each of the NetWare 5.1 console commands (both normal and hidden) in alphabetical order and to tell when, why, and how to use them properly. To see a list of the commands that you can perform at the server console, type HELP <Enter> at the server console prompt. To use the commands described here, simply type the command at the server console prompt followed by the <Enter> key.


The PVER console command displays the NetWare product information for the version of NetWare that you are running on this server. For example, on my test server, typing PVER on the console and pressing <RETURN> displayed the following information:

Product Version Information:

Product ID:				:20
Product Major Version Number				: 5
Product Minor Version Number				: 10
Product Revision Number				: 02
Product Description				: Novell NetWare 5.1

Register Memory

The REGISTER MEMORY console command allows you to make memory above 16 MegaBytes available to the NetWare 5.1 operating system. Currently, due to Intel 32-bit Microprocessor limitations, the maximum amount of memory that can be registered by NetWare 5.1 is 4 GigaBytes. When Intel releases their 64-bit line of microprocessors, the memory maximum will increase dramatically.

Make sure that you only use the REGISTER MEMORY console command when absolutely necessary. Manually registering memory can cause memory fragmentation. In most cases, NetWare 5.1 can automatically detect the amount of memory on your server. In those rare cases when NetWare 5.1 can't, it would be recommended to update your system main board to allow automatic detection. In addition, if all of your system memory is not being detected, try the following:

Check your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files to make sure nothing is being loaded on the server that prevents memory recognition. Sometimes a real-mode driver such as a CD-ROM driver, or a memory manger stops NetWare from recognizing memory above 64 Megabytes.

If your server contains an older network board, such as many ISA and MCA devices, upgrade to a newer board.

The syntax of the command is:

REGISTER MEMORY <start_address> <amount>

The start_address parameter specifies the address where the memory you want to register starts. This value must be entered in hexadecimal. This value is also the amount of RAM that you server currently recognizes and addresses. Typically this number will be 16 MegaBytes (1000000h); but the number can vary depending on the type of hardware you have. Another easy way to get this value is to use the MEMORY console command and convert the value to hexadecimal.

The amount parameter allows you to specify the amount of memory that is installed beyond the start address. This value will also have to be entered in hexadecimal. Keep in mind that this number must be divisable by 10 hexadecimal. Up to 1 GigaByte of memory may be registered at one time.

Important things to remember:

NetWare registers all the memory that it recognizes according to system bus type. On an ISA bus, NetWare recognizes up to 16 MegaBytes. On an EISA or MCA bus, NetWare recognizes all the memory that is present. On a PCI computer, NetWare 5.1 recognizes up to 4 GigaBytes.

To have the additional memory registered automatically when the server boots up, add the REGISTER MEMORY command to the server's STARTUP.NCF file. Make sure that you place the command before the command to load disk drivers. Failure to do so will not make the memory available to the server's SYS volume.


This console command specifies the immediate line as a comment and not as a command that will be run. This command is typically used in the STARUP.NCF and AUTOEXEC.NCF files, although it can be used in any NCF file. For example:

REM The following lines will load the SCSI Tape Drive

Console Command
PVER Displays product version information. PVER
REGISTER MEMORY Manually registers memory above 16 MegaBytes with the NetWare 5.1 operating system. Register memory 1000000 1250000
REM Specifies this line as a comment (used in NCF files). Rem This is a comment

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