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Announcing DeveloperNet University

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01 Mar 1999

Learn How Key Networking Technologies Can Put Your Apps at the Head of the Class

How do you use these and other Novell technologies in your applications to take advantage of the full capabilities of the Internet? The answer is being built even as you read this. DeveloperNet, Novell's premier developer program, is creating DeveloperNet University—an —institute— of higher learning that will provide Novell's developers with the training and information needed to create that next great killer app.

Class Offerings

In today's world developers must take advantage of every opportunity to most effectively utilize the Internet. DeveloperNet University will help Novell developers do this by providing valuable information on the Web. DeveloperNet University will bring together a wealth of information in the form of presentations from BrainShare, the DeveloperNet Workshops, and more. It will also provide a means of fast, easy access to this information.

Even more importantly, we are creating some exciting new content modeled after a university's class curriculum. The DeveloperNet University curriculum will take you step by step through key Novell technologies. Task-based lessons will demonstrate various phases of application development,

explaining the theory and usage of various components from Novell developer offerings. Developers will complete hands-on coding examples and built complete, functional applications. These applications form a foundation for future projects.

It All Starts with NDS

What better technology to begin our curriculum with than NDS? The directory holds many keys to the global network and Novell Directory Services is the most fully featured directory available today. We will cover most developers' needs by creating curriculum for using Java, C, Visual Basic, and Internet-based scripting as development platforms. Our curriculum will also cover a variety of interface methods including LDAP, NDAP, ActiveX, and Java Beans.

Future plans call for expansion of the targeted technologies, and will include additional language and interface methods as technology changes. Live Web casts, online discussion forums, and Web-based training are just a few of the ways we will bring Novell developer technologies directly to you.

I look forward to seeing you on the campus of DeveloperNet University!

--Richard Smith, Project Manager DeveloperNet University

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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