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Registering Novell Linux Small Business Suite

Updated 26 Jul 2005

Access to the NLSBS channels on the Novell update server is protected and requires a valid activation code. After registering NLSBS, you will receive an activation code. Activation codes can be obtained for either evaluation and testing or production, as follows:

Obtaining an Evaluation Activation Code

NLSBS can be evaluated for 60 days and access to the NLSBS update channel, sles9, is included. To obtain an evaluation activation code for NLSBS, do the following:

  1. Go to the Novell Linux Small Business Suite 9.0 60-Day Evaluation website, located at

  2. Select the download link.

  3. Login using your Novell Account credentials. A Novell Account can be created by selecting the create new account link on the login page.

  4. After login, the evaluation activation code is listed on the product registration page, as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1: The Product Registration and Access Page Showing the Evaluation Activation Code for NLSBS

  5. Record the activation code for later use. Also notice the Download Media section and

  6. link, which directs the browser to the page for downloading NLSBS ISO images.

Evaluation codes can only be used for 60 days. After 60 days, a permanent code should be purchased for continued access to the Novell update server. Also, the evaluation code does not provide access to the nlsbs9 update channel.

NLD systems can be updated using the evaluation code.

Obtaining an Activation Code from the Novell Subscriber Portal

Subscribers to Novell's technical subscriptions can obtain an activation code for NLSBS for testing and evaluation purposes by visiting the Subscriber Portal.

The following technical subscriptions can access the activation code:

  • Novell Tech Select Service

  • Novell Professional Resource Suite

  • Novell Software Evaluation and Development Library

  • DeveloperNet Professional

For information on purchasing Novell Support technical subscriptions, see

For information on Novell Developernet, see

To obtain an activation code from the Subscriber Portal, complete the following:
  1. Browse to the Subscriber Portal at

  2. Log in to the Subscriber Portal.

  3. On the Subscriber portal home page, select the link for your subscribed product in the Access Subscription Benefits section, as shown in Figure 2.

    Figure 2: Novell Subscriber Portal Showing Link to Subscription Benefits Page

  4. The subscription details are displayed. Under Subscription Benefits, select Request Linux Registration Codes.

  5. The page for requesting Linux registration codes is displayed as shown in Figure 3.

    Figure 3: Subscriber Portal Linux Registration Code Request Page

  6. To obtain a code for NLSBS, select the request code button next to Novell Linux Small Business Suite.

  7. The activation code will replace the request code link. Write down the activation code for future reference. The activation code will always display in the table after it is requested.

Obtaining an Activation Code With Volume License Purchases

Customers who purchase NLSBS through the Novell Volume Licensing program receive an activation code to update from the Novell update server. The process of obtaining the purchased activation code is as follows:

  1. After NLSBS has been purchased, Novell sends an email to the customer's main contact containing instructions for registering the product.

  2. To register NLSBS, select the link for NLSBS under the Products Ordered section of the email, as shown in Figure 4.

    Figure 4: NLSBS Product Registration Listing and URL. Part of The URL Has Been Removed for Security

  3. The URL launches the Novell Portal login screen. Log in using the Novell Account credentials of the user who will be the main administrator of licenses for your organization. To create a Novell Account, select the create new account link.

The Product Registration and Access page is displayed, as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5: Product Registration and Access Page, Showing the NLSBS Activation Code

The Product Registration and Access page for NLSBS contains three important elements:

  1. Activation Code---Write down the activation code in a secure location.

  2. Certificate---Click Upgrade Protection Certificate with Codes to open the license details page. Print this page for your records. The link for products purchased without upgrade protection will say "License Certificate with Codes".

  3. Manage Users---Use this section to manage the users that can access the registration tool in your organization.

NLSBS is now registered.

After registering, an email will be sent containing information on patching NLSBS. Ignore this email--the information is incorrect.

Obtaining an Activation Code With Red Box Purchases

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