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Updating Novell Linux Desktop Systems Shipped with Novell Linux Small Business

Updated 27 Jul 2005

Novell Linux Desktop can be updated using the same activation code used to activate NLSBS. To update NLD, complete the following:

  1. Select System > Software Update.

  2. Authenticate as root. Red Carpet starts.

  3. Select Edit > Services.... The Edit Services window should already have an entry named Novell_Update_Server with a URL of If the service is not listed, select Add Service. Enter in the URL field and select OK to add the service.

  4. Select Close.

  5. Select File > Activate.

  6. Select Novell_Update_Server from the Service drop-down list.

  7. Enter the email address of a valid user for the activation code.

  8. Enter the activation code. The code is case sensitive.

  9. Select Activate.

  10. Select Channels and mark the nld9 and nld9-sdk channels.

  11. Select Close.

NLD updates can then be installed using the Mark for Installation and Update All buttons.

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