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Identity Manager Sample Policies

A policy implements business rules and processes. Identity Manager policies primarily transform XML documents to accomplish their work. The contents of the document provides the basic context. Additional context is available from sources outside of the document, such as query processors and extension functions. Policies can optionally have side effects that do not directly affect the output document, such as with Command Processors and extension functions.

Here are some additional terms relating to policies:

  • Policy Set – A collection of zero or more policies at a particular control point (e.g., Placement Rule – Placement Policies)
  • Policy – An individual instance of a Schema Mapping Table, DirXML Script, or XSLT
  • Rule – A set of conditions and associated actions described in a DirXML Script policy

To download please click the policy name.

The policies contained on this site have been validated by Novell's Identity Manager Engineering team. As with any sample policy, customization may be required before deploying in your unique environment.

The policies on this site are organized by policy set (i.e. Create, Placement, Matching) and by solution. You can also search the Support Knowledge Base to find these samples based on keywords.


Input Transformation

Input Transformation Policies handle the conversion of data formats provided by the application shim to those expected by DirXML engine. The conversions include attribute value format and XML vocabulary, and status messages and documents are handled as with the Output Transformation policies, but with the flow reversed.

Name    Driver    Channel    Description
Push Back On Email    Any    Publisher    Reset email value to source value when add or modify is not from authoritative source.

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