Novell NetWare 6 Cluster Services

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Novell NetWare 6 Cluster Services


Novell NetWare 6.0

Novell Cluster Services 1.6


NetWare Cluster Services:  The Gory details of Heartbeats, Split Brains and Poison Pills

Unable to add new NW6 nodes to an existing cluster

How do I map a drive to a clustered enabled volume?

Abend: Ate Poison Pill in SbdWriteNodeTick given by some other node.

-606 error upgrading Cluster Services Object

Add Pool Warning

Configuring Novell NetWare 6 NetStorage for a clustered volume

How do I change the heartbeat line to/from public/private?

Is installing Cluster Services mandatory?

For additional information on NetWare 6, please see the following solution.  TID #10064501 - NetWare 6 Readme Addendum


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