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Registering the Retail Version of SUSE Linux 10.0


When you purchase SUSE Linux 10.0 retail edition it comes with a registration key. Unlike the Enterprise products, it is not required to register SUSE Linux in order to receive package updates. However it is required to register in order to receive your free installation support.

How to Register

  1. When you receive your boxed retail version of SUSE Linux you will have a media pack that contains your CD's and dual layered DVD. This should look like the capture shown below.

  2. Turn the media box over and you will find a white tag in the lower left hand corner which contains a 14 digit code. This is your registration code.

  3. Open a browser and go to and login with your Novell eLogin account. If you do not have a Novell eLogin account, then click on the create new account link. Otherwise put in your credentials and click login.

  4. Enter in your 14 digit code that consists of 10 numbers and 4 letters. This is case sensitive and should be done in all caps. Click submit.

  5. You should receive a confirmation page explaining that your code has been registered.

  6. Once you have registered your code you have 90 days of free installation support. More information on what is and is not covered with that support can be found at, as well as the contact information and directions for opening a support incident.

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