Error: "Tree or server not found" when SLP configured to obtain DA addresses via DHCP.

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Error: "Tree or server not found" when SLP configured to obtain DA addresses via DHCP.

SLPINFO /A on client workstation does not display any information as having been learned from DHCP.


Port use conflict between ZENworks agent's NOVDHCP.DLL & IPCTL.DLL and other services attempting to obtain information via DHCP.


This issue is addressed in IPCTL.DLL 20FEB2004 to be included in a post-4.0.1 ZENworks for Desktops Management Agent update.  For additional information on availablility of this fix, please see the document Errors when renewing TCP/IP address via DHCP with the ZENworks Desktop Agent installed.


Renaming the NOVDHCP.DLL of the ZENworks for Desktops Management Agent (to a disabled filename such as NOVDHCP.OLD) will prevent the conflict from occurring, although at the same time preventing the ZENworks for Desktops Management Agent from obtaining information via DHCP.  (For example a middle tier server address being delivered via DHCP, How to use DHCP to deliver the Middle Tier address.)

Additional information:

When a Novell Client for Windows workstation is dependant upon obtaining SLP scope and/or DA information via DHCP options 78 & 79, any failure to obtain this information from DHCP can result in "Tree or server not found"-type symptoms unless the required SLP DAs and/or SAs can still be located by the workstation via direct multicast querying.

When the issue described in this document occurred, although the Novell Client for Windows (SRVLOC.SYS) would successfully attempt to query for options 78 & 79 from DHCP (in a LAN trace, both the query and the answer from the DHCP server can be seen), the port usage conflict would prevent the actual answer data from reaching SRVLOC.SYS, and instead the LAN trace will show SRVLOC.SYS again querying DHCP for options 78 & 79 because the previous answer was not successfully received.

Ultimately SRVLOC.SYS fails to successfully obtain information from DHCP, as is indicated by a complete absence of information designated "DHCP" in the "Source(s)" sections of the SLPINFO.EXE /A output at the workstation.  Whether or not the workstation can still successfully login or access specific resources will depend on whether the workstation is still able to find a required DA or SA using a multicast query in absence of the DHCP-supplied information.


Document Title: Error: "Tree or server not found" when SLP configured to obtain DA addresses via DHCP.
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