The GWCHECK log is reporting Problem 21.

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Novell GroupWise 5.2

Novell GroupWise 5.5


The GWCHECK log is reporting Problem 21.


The GWCHECK utility reports this problem when the attachment file is missing. The GWCHECK utility cannot take action to correct the problem because the message that contains the attachment is still valid. So the GWCHECK reports the problem and moves on. The reason why the attachment could be missing could be due to several things.

1.)  There could have been a critical problem where they had to restore the GroupWise post office from backup and for whatever reason the Backup program was not able to back up the files and so when they restored from backup the files did not get restored.
2.)  The files were deleted manually for whatever reason.
3.)  Attachments are stored as blobs and have a trailer.  This trailer is used by GroupWise to keep track of the attachment.  If the trailer is missing GroupWise has no way tracking the attachment and the attachment would be considered orphaned.


Usually this problem can be fixed at the user level.  For instance the user opens a message and then tries to open the attachment but errors (8209).  The user could decide the message is not important and delete it which would correct the problem (if they are the only one with a references to the message).  If the message is important and they are the recipient they could determine who sent the message and simply have the sender resend the message with the attachment they need and delete the old message that had the attachment they couldn't open.

If the administrator of the GroupWise system has an expire/reduce schedule it will correct the problem over a period of time (depending on the date range and if the message falls within that date range).

Run the stand alone Gwcheck with the ATTCLIP option as follows:

- For GroupWise 5.5, version 5.5.4 (5.5 with SP4) or later must be used.
- For GroupWise 5.5 Enhancement Pack, version (5.5 Enhancement Pack with sp2) or later must be used.

- Create the file GWCHECK.CFG in the same directory that Gwcheck is being run from.  In the GWCHECK.CFG file type ATTCLIP
- Run Gwcheck, Analyze/Fix with "Contents", "Fix problems", "User" and "Message".
- GWCheck will automatically delete the GWCheck.cfg file.

- For GroupWise 6.0, you must run version 6.0.1 (6.0 with SP1) or later.
- In the stand alone Gwcheck screen click on the "Misc" tab.  In the "Support Options" field type ATTCLIP.
- Run Gwcheck, Analyze/Fix with "Contents", "Fix problems", "User" and "Message".

See TIDs 10025943 and 10059466 for more information on this.


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