Catalog Services and eDirectory

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Catalog Services and eDirectory


Novell NetWare 5.1

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Novell Catalog Services

Novell Directory Services 8

Novell eDirectory 8.5

Novell eDirectory 8.6

Novell eDirectory 8.7


Catalong Services will not be supported on eDirectory 8.8 and future versions.

Catalog Services was introduced with previous version of NDS prior to eDirectory 8.5. Catalog Services is NOT provided with NetWare 6, however Catalog Services will work on NetWare 6.

Although Catalog Services may work with current versions of eDirectory, Novell has determined that no further maintenance nor enhancements will occur on Catalog Services. 

Catalog Services was an old technology that captured a subset of a tree into a static database to provide contextless login capabilities.  With the development of newer technologies, Catalog Services is not a recommended solution for contextless login functionality.  The main problem with the old architecture is that it is not scalable.  Because it is a static database, overhead to maintain and replica the database becomes unmanageable as the size of eDirectory increases and the number of requests to the database are made.  Catalog Services do not support Auxiliary Classes.

Novell has developed a preferred solution for contextless login that takes advantage of all of the new technologies in the market today.  The Novell Client (version 4.9) comes packaged with it's own version of contextless login, using LDAP, that will be supported moving forward. 

If interested in implementing Catalog Services on NetWare 6, DSCAT.NLM and other related files may be copied from a NetWare 5.x CD to a NetWare 6 server.  Those files can be found in the PRODUCTS\CATALOG directory on any NetWare 5.x CD.  Make sure to include all files in the CATALOG directory.  All Catalog Services configuration MUST be done using NWAdmin.  

If upgrading a NetWare 5.x server already running Catalog Services to NetWare 6 or any other version of eDirectory, the upgrade should not interfere with Catalog Services.  Current Catalog Services implementations will work with eDirectory 8.7 and previous versions; however, Catalog Services is not supported on NetWare 6 so make plans to migrate applications away from Catalog Services.

For additional information on eDirectory 8.6, please see the following solution.  TID #10066455 - eDirectory 8.6 Readme Addendum


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