Users cannot login to a NetWare 6 server after the install is complete.

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Users cannot login to a NetWare 6 server after the install is complete.

Users do not have rights to the server.  They can only see the Login and Public directories.

Read only error when trying to write to a directory on the server.


The server was recently installed or upgraded to NetWare 6.


User licenses can NOT be installed during the NetWare 6 install process, only server licenses are installed.


Make sure NetWare 6 Support Pack 1 or higher is installed first.

Use iManager to install the user licenses by doing the following:

1. Point your web browser to your NetWare 6 server (https://ip_address:2200)
2. Choose the link below eDirectory iManager, or go directly to the login screen with the following link:
3. Authenticate as admin (or one equivalent)
4. On the left of the screen expand "License Management"
5. Choose "Install a License"
6. Browse to the user license, click "Next".
7. You may choose "Select certificates" to select all licenses or select each unit one by one.
8. Choose the location where the licenses should be installed in the tree then click "Install"

If having problems using iManager, NWAdmin will also allow you to install the licenses.  With NetWare 6, you can no longer install licenses using NWCONFIG.NLM.

Note:  Users must be in the same container or below the container where the NetWare 6 user licenses are installed.  If they are not they will not be granted a license.  NetWare 6 user licenses are broken down into groups of five.  You will see separate serial numbers for every five user licenses installed.  You can use iManager to move this separate licenses around your tree so you can place them near the user objects that need access to the NetWare 6 server.

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