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Kevin Hurni

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Loudonville, NY
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In 1995 I started with NetWare 3.12 and obtained CNA and CNE in NW 3.12. I Worked for a local computer company (Computers Etc) and was fortunate enough to transfer to another company before they went bankrupt. I Obtained NetWare 4.x CNE with Realtech Systems Corporation doing business with local private and public sector in Albany, NY. I went to a lot of Novell bootcamps (ah, the good old days) with BorderManager, ZEN, etc. I Got to experience the fun and joy of migrating/upgrading GroupWise 4.1a on IBM OS/2 (OS-who? Did you say?) to GroupWise 5.5 on NetWare 4.11 for a large government agency. About the time that the .dot com bubble was just about ready to burst, I transferred companies again (before Realtech Systems went bankrupt) to another local company called Data Systems Networking Corporation. I achieved Master CNE status in Messaging, Intranet (BorderManager I think), and a third area.

I think I took every ZEN ATT that was offered (when Jason Blackett was still teaching). I started on an initial 2-week gig at the New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation (aka: Encon) to create a new Windows NT 4.0 Domain and link NDS to it via NDS for NT. From there, apparently I did such a good job, that we rolled out ZEN 3.2 and GroupWise 5.5 EP.

The Data Systems Corp was bought/merged 3 times and we became DynTek, dealing primarily with Albany NYS agencies. I expanded my skillset from NetWare, GroupWise, and ZENworks to McAfee VSE and McAfee EPO, along with Citrix MetaFrame/Winframe, and Presentation Server. I assisted with migrating NDS for NT then on to Novell Account Management and then to IDM (DirXML).

As time wore on, I continued to "bleed red" and was forced (haha) into learning SLES for OES2. I added some iChain and NAM to even out the mix and shake well.

I've dealt with IBM, HP, and Dell servers; Xiotech SAN gear; and random other bits of hardware.

A few things to know about me on a personal level:

I like to think I'm always right (even though I know Im not)—haha. I dont hate anyone and can't stay mad for more than a day (which could be a guy thing). I will ALWAYS do what's in the best interest of the customer regardless of vendor loyalty. I'm willing to help others to avoid any mistakes I may have made or come across, and like to learn/play with new things.

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