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Joakim Ganse

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Stockholm, Sweden
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Joakim graduated from Stockholm University in 1995 and went directly to a job teaching NetWare 4.10, even though he had never heard of the product or the company before. He spent 3 months in the classroom before taking the CNI exam and beginning to teach. His focus at that time was NetWare 4.10 with NDS and later ZENWorks and BorderManager.

In 1999 he switched to consulting for a small company in Stockholm that had a clear NDS focus. After a few unsuccessful mergers he started his own company, Accept IT, in 2003 with a total focus on Identity Manager.

Currently he has no time for any other products and tries to hang out in the IDM forums as much as possible. Working as a single consultant, the forum is as close to having colleagues as it gets for Joakim.

In 2014 he founded a new company, B-IQ, together with three other senior consultants so the workload could be spread, and other products from NetIQ, Novell and SUSE (now a part of Micro Focus) could be handled in a better way.

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