SYS Volume on NSS pool won't mount.

(Last modified: 26Apr2006)

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SYS Volume on NSS pool won't mount.


NetWare 6.5

One or more NSS Snapshops exist.


The boot$log shows the error "Volume SYS could NOT be mounted.  Some or all volume segments cannot be located.  If this is an NSS volume, the pool may need to be activated using the command nss /poolactivate=poolname."

Running verify produces the error "System data I/O error 20202(zio.c[1996]"

Running a rebuild produces an "20444" nss error.


The snapshot was also placed on the SYS pool.  The snapshot either grew too large, or was causing a conflict of some kind.


Manually delete the snapshot which will then allow the rebuild to complete.  This can be done with the command MM SNAP DELETE ALL.  When dealing with a cluster this command must be done on the node where the pool is active (the cluster resource will likely be comatose because the volume fails to mount).


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