Error: "An error occurred modifying the nds schema for file"

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Error: "An error occurred modifying the nds schema for file"

An error occurred modifying the nds schema for file SYS:SYSTEM\SCHEMAXXX.sch

Error:  "Error description:  class already exists.  DSI -5.00-185"

Trying to locate schema differences

Servers have schema differences

SCHCMP.EXE shows schema differences


Beginning in eDirectory 8.7 there is a Schema Compare utility in iMonitor 2.0 that will show Schema differences as well as  alert you if there are any actual issues that the differences could create. 

Before eDirectory 8.7 was introduced  using "SET DSTRACE=+SCHEMA" commands or SCHCMP.EXE were the most common way to determine whether or not Schema is healthy. 

Download SCHCMP2.EXE at 

Open a commnad prompt and change to the directory where the SCHCMP.EXE file was extracted (in this example the SCHCMP.EXE was extraced to C:\TEMP)
Map a drive to the servers SYS volume that you would like to compare the schema against.

The syntax for SCHCMP.EXE is as follows:

The above syntax will compare schema between SERVER1 and SERVER2 and will pipe the results to a file called Compare.txt found in the C:\TEMP directory

For additional information on eDirectory 8.7, please see the following solution.  NOVL81742 - eDirectory Readme Addendum


It is possible that servers will have definition differences if they have been upgraded from different database versions during their lifetime.


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