MAINT_IN_PROGRESS Flag and C057 Error

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MAINT_IN_PROGRESS Flag and C057 Error

Error on OFS - C057 Database Maintenance in Progess on the POA constantly.

Error 18 - MESSAGE database open error MAINT_IN_PROGRESS (0xC057)

Error 22 - Database check error: MAINT_IN_PROGRESS (0xC057)

Error 27 - DbRebuild error IO_PATH_NOT_FOUND (0x8209)


The MAINT_IN_PROGRESS flag is stored in a GroupWise database to indicate that the database is currently being rebuilt.  GroupWise users and administrators could see the error FERR_MAINT_IN_PROGRESS (C057) if GWCHECK was running doing a database rebuild and the GWCHECK process terminated abnormally.  


This error will be seen until the rebuild process completes.

The rebuild process works as follows:
A backup database with a .$db extension is created in the same directory as the original database.  This is a copy of the checked database.  
The MAINT_IN_PROGRESS flag is written to the header of the original database.
The version number in the header of the original database is changed to 9.99
Blocks of data are copied from the backup database to the original database, overwriting data in the original database.  At this point the original database is not in a valid state, as the blocks of data being written might not match the data being overwritten.
The version number in the header of the newly constructed original database is changed to the current flaim version.
The MAINT_IN_PROGRESS flag is cleared.
The backup database is deleted.

If the rebuild process terminates abnormally during step 4, the flag and version are not reset.  Possible reasons for this:  Server abends, process aborted, loss of power, etc.

To recover from this state verify that the backup database (.$db) still exists.  If it still exists you should restart the rebuild on that database by running GWCHECK.  The process will start with step 2 above.

If the database backup file does not exist the rebuild process cannot be restarted and the database should not be used as it is in an invalid state.  Either restore the database from backup or drop it (data loss).


userabc.db is original, userabc.$db is rebuild backup.


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