How to use TBACKUP.EXE to backup and restore volume trustees

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How to use TBACKUP.EXE to backup and restore volume trustees


Novell NetWare 4.11

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TBackup backs up and restores trustees and Inherited Rights Filters (IRF) for files and directories.

NOTE: This utility was created to help system administrators and is provided free of charge as a courtesy.  It is not a Novell supported product.  IPX may need to be bound to the server for TBACKUP to function properly.

To Backup the trustees:
(NOTE:  Before attempting to backup trustees, you must be able to map a drive to the volume.  If you cannot map a drive, then TBACKUP will not work)

1) First download TBACK3.EXE from Novell's Support Website (  
2) Once you get the file, extract it. There should be a readme (TBACK3.EXE) and two files, an executable (TBACKUP.EXE) and a .MSG file (TBACKUP.MSG).  
3) Copy the TBACKUP.EXE and TBACKUP.MSG files to the root of what ever volume you want to backup volume trustees.  In the case of the SYS volume, copy the two files to the root of SYS.  If you want to backup just certain directories, copy the two files to the root of the directory and run the utility from there.  
4) You HAVE to map a drive to the SYS volume to run this utility since it is a DOS utility.  Once you have the drive mapped to the SYS volume, at a command prompt type in the following:

     TBACKUP /S  (the /S backs up all subdirectories as well)

This will begin to backup the trustees.  Depending on the size of the volume, this can take awhile.  You will see the utility searching through all the volumes subdirectories.
5) Once finished, it will say, "TRESTORE.BAT created!".  This program creates a file at the root of the volume called TRESTORE.BAT.  This is just a standard MSDOS batch file.  You can archive the file on a workstation or keep it on the server. Note:  If you rerun the utility, it will overwrite any existing TRESTORE.BAT files that currently exist on the volume.

To Restore volume trustees from the TRESTORE.BAT file:

Once again map a drive to the SYS volume, open a DOS command prompt window and then just run the TRESTORE.BAT file.  TRESTORE.BAT must be run from the same directory you originally ran TBACKUP on. You may also double-click the file from a Windows Explorer.  It will go through and add the rights back one at a time.  Once again, this can take a long time depending on how many explicit trustee assignments have been made.  If the rights already exist, it will not make modifications.  

The key to this utility is that you have to run it for EVERY volume on the server.  So, if you have SYS, VOL1 and DATA volumes, you'll need to run the utility 3 separate times as well as copy the 2 files mentioned above to each of the volumes.  It will create three separate TRESTORE.BAT files (unfortunately it will name them all the same as well) and store the file at the root of every volume.  Once the batch file is created, you can rename it to whatever filename as long as the .BAT extension is kept.


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