Windows 2000 can't add drivers to the NDPS RMS .

(Last modified: 14Feb2003)

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Novell Distributed Print Services

NDPS Broker, Resource Management Service (RMS)

Novell NetWare 5.1 SP1

Windows 2000 Professional workstation

Novell Client 4.8 for Windows NT/2000


Windows 2000 can't add drivers to the NDPS RMS .

Process works as designed when using a Windows 95/98 or NT.

Try to add a new print driver using the Windows 2000 workstation.

Browse for printer drivers doesn't work.

Browse button to Add Resources to NDPS Broker doesn't respond.

Can't browse to add new drivers in RMS database using Windows 2000

Add new drivers is greyed out when adding the driver to the broker from Windows 2000


There is an issue with the TLS Manager and W2k.


Launch NWAdmn32 with " /DISABLETLSMGR ".  

You can edit the shortcut to NWAdmn32.   Or  you can do Start | Run | sys:\public\win32\NWAdmn32 /disabletlsmgr.


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