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Getting Support if You Don't Have Current Novell Maintenance

Many partners provide professional, expert support services on Novell products. You can use Partner Locator tool to find a partner near you.

Arrow ECS, a strategic and qualified Novell partner, offers global technical support for single incidents via credit card. To open an incident with Arrow ECS, please visit

You may also submit a service request to Arrow ECS by calling 1-888-347-6305 in the USA and Canada or 303-305-4907 outside of North America.

Support Through Your Novell Maintenance Support Agreement

Submit your service request online and choose your preferred response method—chat, email or call back. For severity 1 (system down) issues, contact your local Novell support center by phone.

+ Submit a service request online

For the phone numbers, hours of operation, and services offered through your Novell Support Center, please select your region:


In the USA and Canada, contact the North America Support Center at 1-800-858-4000 within the United States or 1-801-861-4000 outside the United States. The North America Support Center is located in Provo, Utah and operates 24x7. (TTY / TDD 800-711-3484).

In all countries in Spanish speaking Latin America, contact the Latin America Support Center at +5411-5272-1091. The Latin America Support Center is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina and operates 24x7.

In Brazil, contact the Brazilian Support Center at +55 11 3345-3950. The Brazilian Support Center is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil and operates 12x5 for electronic service requests and 24x7 for severity 1 exclusively by phone.

Asia Pacific

Please call the number for your country listed below to submit a service request by phone:

China, Northern:
China, Southern:
Hong Kong:
New Zealand:
1800 631 733
0086 800 810 6500
0086 800 810 6500
001 800 8008 0045
+91 80 400 22990
0018 036 1686
0030 861 0051
1080 0610 0292
1800 801 925
0800 8008 0045
1800 1651 0505
800 616 1448
00 800 8008 0045
001800 611 2781

For any country not listed call (USA) +1 801 861 4000

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Please call the number for your language listed below to submit a service request by phone:

+31 10 286 4440
+31 10 286 4443
+31 10 286 4442
+31 10 286 4445
+48 22 537 50 97 (8am-6pm CET)
+31 10 286 4441

Maintenance Requirements for Support

In order to receive support from Novell, you must have current maintenance for the product on which you require support. Maintenance is the combination of upgrade protection, updates and technical support, and is purchased through one of Novell's buying programs—the Volume License Agreement or Master License Agreement. Academic customers who purchase product through an Academic License Agreement or School License Agreement may purchase Academic Service Request packs to receive technical support. For information on all of Novell's buying programs, visit

Before You Register a Service Request

Novell provides an extensive free support knowledgebase online that includes information and troubleshooting tips on the most common issues that customers may encounter. You can access the knowledgebase search from the Support home.

A service request is defined as assistance with one issue, problem, or question relating to the use or installation of a Novell product, regardless of the number of communications required.

How to Update Support Contacts/CIDs

If you have a maintenance support agreement, you may manage your contacts through Novell Customer Center. For complete instructions, please visit the How to Manage Maintenance Support Benefits page.

Electronic Service Request

If you have an active maintenance support agreement through Novell and have logged a service request with Novell Technical Services, you can use Novell Customer Center to check the status of your service request or submit a new one.

Technical Support from Novell

Novell support programs can be purchased direct or from a Novell reseller through Novell's licensing programs, which have been simplified and improved to help you focus on what matters most—running your business. To find out more about our support programs, visit the support options page.

To purchase support, please call your authorized Novell reseller or Distributor, which can be found through the Partner Locator.

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