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Report a Software Defect (bug)

It is Novell's policy not to charge customers for technical support incidents that result from previously unknown or unpublished Novell software defects. If you want to contact Novell regarding a software defect, you may register a "bug report" by filling out the form below. You will not be contacted by a Novell support engineer unless Novell needs additional information to resolve the issue.

If you choose to register a technical support incident rather than a bug report, you will be charged for the incident unless the problem is determined to be a Novell software defect, for which information was not previously published on the Novell Support Web site.

For the purposes of this policy, a software defect is either:

  1. An error in a shipping product's design that results in the software's failure to perform substantially in accordance with its specifications and for which Novell is responsible; or
  2. A critical defect in a product that is in Maintenance phase. Critical Defects are product defects that cause the performance or continued performance of any one or more mission-critical program functions to be impossible.

To report a product defect, please provide the following information (* fields are required):

*Your Name:
*Your Company Name:
*Company Address:
*E-Mail Address:
Contact Telephone Number:
*Novell Product and Version:
Before submitting your report, please verify that support and development for your product has not been discontinued or moved into the mature phase of the Novell Product Support Lifecycle.
*Patch Level:
Before submitting your report, please verify that your software is updated to the latest version. The latest patches for Novell products can be found here.
*Description of the Defect:
*What other software and versions were being used when the problem occurred?
*Steps to duplicate: Please provide the exact steps to reproduce this problem.
*Other Scenarios: Did other steps or scenarios you tested also produce this problem?
Didn't try others
*Environment Description: Describe the environment in which the problem occurred. The number of servers and workstations used, with relevant server or client settings, as well as any special design details required (DS/GW/SLP) to reproduce the problem.
*Problem Environment: Where was this problem reported?
Production and Testing
Don't know
*Testing Environment: Did you reproduce the problem in a simplified, new/clean testing environment?
Didn't try that
*If you found a solution for fixing or avoiding this problem, please tell us about it.
Additional Information (Configuration, Patch Level, etc.):

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