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Novell Nsure UDDI Server: Simple Steps for Installation on Windows 2000

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Ade Slade
Software Engineer

01 Jul 2003

Developer Solutions

System Requirements:

  • eDirectory v8.7

  • Windows 2000 Service Pack 2

  • JVM v1.4

  • Internet Explorer v5.5

  • Tomcat v4.0.6

  • Novell iManager v1.5

If you are installing the UDDI server as an "all in one" demo system to show how a UDDI registry interacts with a publisher and a consumer, you may also want to include the following:

  • Novell Extend App Server v4.0

  • Novell Extend Workbench v4.01 (has dependence on Java 2 SDK 1.3)

It is more realistic to use an additional system to invoke services. Most of the required pieces are pretty straight forward to get hold of. For instance, you can download Tomcat v4.0.6 from

You can download iManager from the main Novell download site. The file you need is called eDirWebApps10_win_full.exe.

Tomcat is needed as a servlet container to run the application that interfaces with the Novell UDDI server. Once you have iManager installed, select the LDAP group object and disable TLS for simple binds with password.

Next, you can download the UDDI server from the Novell Developer Kit--Leading Edge and run the run UDDIinstall.exe file. Make sure you select "Install UDDI server."

During the installation process, several things will happen:

  • UDDI objects will be added to eDirectory.

  • The Tomcat "webapp" directory will be discovered.

  • You will be asked for Admin DN/PWD (LDAP notation).

  • The iManager plug-in will be installed.

  • Note: Make sure the Novell library is present (\eMFrame\web-inf\lib\jclient.jar) before you start Tomcat.

Note: Also, you can access the Novell UDDI server via iManager or Novell Command Beans. If you want to use the "Registery Manager" within XWB, you need a replacement xwb-wsdl-uddi.jar to enable UDDI ver2.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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