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Novell Event Bus (NEB) Activity and NSS Block Information

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Mark Ristella

01 Oct 2002

Novell Event Bus (NEB) Activity

To monitor services registering and de-registering with the Novell Event Bus (NEB), such as NSS volume mounts/dismounts, enter the following command at the server console prompt:

set enable event report screen = on

Novell Storage Services: Blocks Used and Blocks Available

Here are two ways that you can use to check blocks used / blocks available on a volume:

  1. Load MONITOR > Volumes > Select volume.

  2. Enter the following command at the server console:

 volume <volume name>

Novell Storage Services: Examining Media Manager Database Objects

Here are two ways to examine the Storage Device objects that are registered in the Media Manager database:

  1. Load MONITOR > Storage Devices. This lists the devices in hierarchical order to reflect their dependencies.

  2. From the internal debugger, perform the following:

 :dc <class id> //Lists all objects in the class
 :d <object id> //Dumps <object ID>

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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