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Setting up an Additional Mouse



You want to use two mice simultaneously under XFree86 4.x.

The easiest way to set up an additional mouse is by means of SaX2. Old graphics cards and their work environments might have to be configured with SaX (XFree86 3.x), but this procedure will not be described in these lines. A new mouse should be automatically detected on SuSE Linux 8.0. A pop-up window is displayed and you are asked if you want to configure the mouse. If a window is not displayed, start SaX2 by entering in a terminal (console, the "shell on monitor" icon):

sax2 -F mouse

Enter the root password if necessary and SaX2 will start directly with the mouse configuration. In former SuSE Linux versions (previous to 7.3) or if problems arise, simply enter


and select the mouse configuration.

Now your current mouse configuration is displayed. To set up an additional mouse, click on "Add".

Select the mouse in the manufacturer/product list. Please note that most mice do not require a specific manufacturer protocol. Thus, the selection is first restricted to the connection:

  • USB mouseUSB port (flat connector)

  • PS/2 mousePS/2 port (round connector)

  • Further specifications are listed on the right column: e.g. a standard mouse without wheel is addressed via the PS/2 protocol, while a wheel mouse uses uses the IMPS/2 protocol.

    The configuration is normally completed at this stage. However, you can select "Advanced" to configure further settings. For instance, you can activate the option "3 buttons emulation" if you have a two-button mouse or you can change the baud rate.

    Click on "Ready" and start the X server test. Check the correct operation of the mouse and its settings. If the configuration is wrong, you can exit the X server and switch back to SaX2 with ESC or CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE.

    If everything works, click on "Save settings" and finish SaX2. To restart the x server and apply the new configuration, finish all applications and press CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE.

    With regard to laptops, the internal touchpad/trackpoint is mostly connected via the PS/2 port and it uses the ps/2 protocol. It is often not possible to additionally connect a wheel mouse to the external PS/2 port if it is to be addressed through the imps/2 protocol. Therefore, try to connect the mouse to the USB port (most new mice include a PS/2-USB adapter) or disable the touchpad/trackpoint.

    IMPORTANT:Never pull out PS/2 devices during operation. Otherwise you might seriously damage your keyboard/mouse controller.

    Please note: The configuration of an additional mouse exceeds the scope of the free of charge installation support. However, you are welcome to contact our Advanced Support Service for this purpose. Further information is available at


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