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Click the filename to download: drv2x.exe 259966 bytes 09Dec1993 02:46PM


This file contains NetWare 2.x file server LAN drivers for NE*.* adapters, for some IBM Token-Ring adapters, and for IBM PCN II & Baseband adapters.

Installation Instructions

Refer to the *.txt files in each of the subdirectories for installation instructions for the files contained in that subdirectory.

If using an OS prior to NetWare 2.15c, refer to LANFIX.TXT in the LANFIX subdirectory for instructions on modifying the .LAN file of the driver to be installed. This must be done prior to generating the OS when using versions of NetWare prior to 2.15c.


Any communication problem with a NetWare 2.x file server when using older versions of the file server LAN drivers prior to drivers contained in DRV2X.EXE.


Regenerate and install the OS on the file server using the new drivers contained in DRV2X.EXE.

File Contents

Self-Extracting File Name:  drv2x.exe

Files Included       Size   Date         Time    Version   Checksum

     DRV2X.TXT       5910   09Dec1993    01:43PM
    LANFIX.TXT       1635   18Oct1993    09:54AM
  LANPATCH.EXE      12639   15Jan1990    01:22PM
  !NVL0701.CFG       2745   02Sep1992    01:25PM
  !NVL1501.CFG      11994   11Jan1993    03:24PM
     @7154.ADF       2657   27Apr1992    01:54PM
     A8022.LAN        152   12May1993    03:24PM
     A8022.OBJ       3620   14Apr1993    11:19AM
  ANE100A1.LAN        910   12Feb1991    07:50PM
  ANE100A1.OBJ       5607   22Aug1990    08:33AM
  ANE100A2.LAN        910   12Feb1991    07:50PM
  ANE100A2.OBJ       6469   15Nov1990    04:00PM
  ANE150A1.LAN        611   22May1993    04:39PM
  ANE150A1.OBJ       5343   07Oct1991    09:37AM
  ANE150A2.LAN        611   22May1993    04:40PM
  ANE150A2.OBJ       5894   07Oct1991    09:37AM
  ANE200A1.LAN       1178   22May1993    04:36PM
  ANE200A1.OBJ       6630   22Sep1992    01:24PM
  ANE200A2.LAN       1178   22May1993    04:24PM
  ANE200A2.OBJ       7291   22Sep1992    01:24PM
    ANE2A1.LAN       1764   12Feb1991    07:50PM
    ANE2A1.OBJ       6529   18Jul1990    04:39PM
    ANE2A2.LAN       1764   12Feb1991    07:50PM
    ANE2A2.OBJ       7371   15Nov1990    04:14PM
  ANE320A1.LAN        566   01Aug1991    09:07AM
  ANE320A1.OBJ       7313   16Jul1991    04:05PM
  ANE320A2.LAN        566   01Aug1991    09:07AM
  ANE320A2.OBJ       8360   16Jul1991    04:06PM
     B8022.OBJ       3620   14Apr1993    11:19AM
  BNE100A1.OBJ       5607   22Aug1990    08:33AM
  BNE100A2.OBJ       6469   15Nov1990    04:01PM
  BNE150A1.OBJ       5343   07Oct1991    09:37AM
  BNE150A2.OBJ       5894   07Oct1991    09:37AM
  BNE200A1.OBJ       6630   22Sep1992    01:24PM
  BNE200A2.OBJ       7291   22Sep1992    01:24PM
    BNE2A1.OBJ       6529   18Jul1990    04:39PM
    BNE2A2.OBJ       7371   15Nov1990    04:14PM
  BNE320A1.OBJ       7313   16Jul1991    04:06PM
  BNE320A2.OBJ       8360   16Jul1991    04:06PM
     C8022.OBJ       3620   14Apr1993    11:19AM
  CNE100A1.OBJ       5607   22Aug1990    08:34AM
  CNE100A2.OBJ       6469   15Nov1990    04:01PM
  CNE150A1.OBJ       5343   07Oct1991    09:37AM
  CNE150A2.OBJ       5894   07Oct1991    09:37AM
  CNE200A1.OBJ       6630   22Sep1992    01:24PM
  CNE200A2.OBJ       7291   22Sep1992    01:24PM
    CNE2A1.OBJ       6529   18Jul1990    04:39PM
    CNE2A2.OBJ       7371   15Nov1990    04:15PM
  CNE320A1.OBJ       7313   16Jul1991    04:06PM
  CNE320A2.OBJ       8360   16Jul1991    04:06PM
     D8022.OBJ       3620   14Apr1993    11:19AM
   DCONFIG.EXE      22701   01Jul1992    01:31PM
  DNE100A1.OBJ       5607   22Aug1990    08:34AM
  DNE100A2.OBJ       6469   15Nov1990    04:02PM
  DNE150A1.OBJ       5343   07Oct1991    09:37AM
  DNE150A2.OBJ       5894   07Oct1991    09:37AM
  DNE200A1.OBJ       6630   22Sep1992    01:24PM
  DNE200A2.OBJ       7291   22Sep1992    01:25PM
    DNE2A1.OBJ       6529   18Jul1990    04:39PM
    DNE2A2.OBJ       7371   15Nov1990    04:16PM
  DNE320A1.OBJ       7313   16Jul1991    04:06PM
  DNE320A2.OBJ       8360   16Jul1991    04:07PM
     NE286.TXT       7493   18Oct1993    11:36AM
    APCN2L.LAN        263   23Jan1992    08:06AM
    APCN2L.OBJ       5720   16Oct1991    11:19AM
    BPCN2L.OBJ       5720   16Oct1991    11:19AM
    CPCN2L.OBJ       5720   16Oct1991    11:19AM
    DPCN2L.OBJ       5720   16Oct1991    11:19AM
     PCN2L.TXT       1892   18Oct1993    09:46AM
  ATOKENA2.OBJ       5150   31Jul1991    04:49PM
  BTOKENA2.OBJ       5150   31Jul1991    04:50PM
  CTOKENA2.OBJ       5150   31Jul1991    04:51PM
  DTOKENA2.OBJ       5150   31Jul1991    04:52PM
     TOKEN.TXT       6532   18Oct1993    12:08AM
   TOKENA2.LAN        206   24Sep1991    02:20PM
  TRCONFIG.COM       3826   14May1991    04:54PM


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