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Support Awards and Certifications

Novell Technical Services is dedicated to providing quality products, programs, and services that meet or exceed customer expectations. We consider the pursuit of quality and continual improvement to be an on-going responsibility of every employee in our organization. In active support of this philosophy, Novell Technical Services pursues awards and certification in the following internationally recognized quality standards.


ASP Ten Best Web Support Sites

Ten Best Web Support Sites of 2010

For the fourth year in a row, The Association of Support Professionals (ASP) announced Novell as a winner of their "Ten Best Web Support Sites" competition, a prestigious award that showcases excellence in online service and support. In 2008, Novell was also inducted to ASP's Web Support Hall of Fame.

HDI Team Excellence Award

HDI Team Excellence Award

The HDI Team Excellence Awards honor world-class support organizations that have most enhanced the image of the industry by achieving the highest standards of excellence for delivering internal and external customer service and support. Both the Internal and External Awards use the same criteria for submission, each focusing on People, Process, and Technology aspects of the support center.

Novell Technical Services Feedback

Novell Technical Services is committed to improving our products and services, and your input is a critical part of that process. If you would like to provide feedback regarding your support experience, please do so here.

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