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Novell Open Enterprise Server Support Pack Policy

Novell provides defect support for Open Enterprise Server support packs for one year after the release date of the following support pack. For example, Open Enterprise Server 2 SP2 was released in October 2009. Open Enterprise Server 2 SP3 was released in December 2010. Open Enterprise Server 2 SP2 will have defect support through December 2011, one year after Open Enterprise Server 2 SP3 became available. Maintenance customers may continue to get their technical support questions answered on any support pack while their Open Enterprise Server version is in the General Support lifecycle phase. As part of the resolution of an issue, however, customers may be asked to upgrade to a support pack with defect support.

Bug fixes, security patches and associated product enhancements which are deemed appropriate by Novell are provided during the General Support phase of the product support lifecycle to customers who are current with their product maintenance.

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