How do I find out what my Exchange Mailbox Name is?

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I'm having trouble logging in to my Exchange server. I enter my username, "jdoe," and my password, but then it tells me "No mailbox for user jdoe." Is my mailbox name different from my user name, and if so, how do i find out?


There are two possible causes to this error message. One is that you may be using the wrong Exchange server host name. If your workplace uses a different server for Outlook Web Access, make sure that you are entering that server name as your Exchange Server. This is necessary because Evolution uses the same protocol as Outlook Web Access, and therefore needs to talk to the same servers as Outlook Web Access. If you have the right server, but you still can't log in, check your Mailbox Name. Exchange may have your mailbox stored under a different name from your server login name. You can ask your system administrator about this, or you can do the following:

Log in to your Exchange server using Outlook Web Access. Open any mail message. Right-click in the message body and select "Open frame in new window," or, if you are using Internet Explorer, "Properties." The URL for the frame with the message in it will contain your Mailbox Name in this format: Armed with this information, edit your Exchange account information in Evolution: Under the "Receiving Options" tab of the account editor, click the "Mailbox name is different from login name and enter your mailbox name.
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