Proxy users crash when connecting to communal calendar.

(Last modified: 22Feb2006)

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Novell GroupWise 6.5

Novell GroupWise Client Proxy Access


Proxy users crash when connecting to communal calendar.

Proxy user crashes.

Shared calendar or resource causes proxy clients to hang.

Proxying to shared resource via WebAccess works.


Corruption may cause the issue. 
Configuration may cause the issue as well.


The PROXYMINRESET and PROXYFIX may work to regenerate the Proxy rights.

In one instance, somehow the Mailbox and Sent Items objects had been dragged into the Contacts object.
Once these were moved back out of the Contacts object, Proxying worked fine again.


As of 2.22.06 the cause for the Mailbox and Sent Items objects to be in the Contacts object was not known.
The environment of the customer who had experienced the issue was tested as much as possible without an instance of the objects becoming problematic.  In GW 6.5 and 7.0 NTS was not able to cause the main default email objects to exist within another default object ... i.e. - the Mailbox to be moved into Sent Items and vice versa.


Document Title: Proxy users crash when connecting to communal calendar.
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