iPrint iManager error: "Exception reading [property page]"

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iPrint iManager error: "Exception reading [property page]"

Exception reading broker information

Exception reading banners configuration

Exception reading drivers configuration

Exception reading printer configuration

Error: "Could not login for com.novell.service.ndps.eMFrameStartup.  java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError"


Typing SEARCH at a NetWare server console will list the Search Paths.  The default and recommended configuration will list SYS:\JAVA\NJCLV2\BIN before SYS:\NI\UPDATE\BIN.  If SYS:\NI\UPDATE\BIN is listed first, then the wrong version of jncpv2.nlm will be called when doing some iPrint management through iManager and therefore cause an error.


Rename SYS:\NI\UPDATE\BIN\JNCPV2.NLM to JNCPV2.OLD (The module may be being launched from another directory like NI\NIS30\BIN, just make sure you leave the one in the SYS:SYSTEM directory)
Restart Tomcat: tc4stop and tomcat4


Use the information in TID 10084961 to re-order your NetWare Search Path to have SYS:\JAVA\NJCLV2\BIN before SYS:\UPDATE\BIN.


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