How to force re-apply a Product Recognition Update

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How to force re-apply a Product Recognition Update (PRU)


Tally Systems TS.Census

Novell ZENworks Asset Management 7 - ZAM7

Novell ZENworks Asset Management 3.3 - ZAM3.3


Product recognition update may have failed at some point and needs to be reapplied.


There are two ways to apply a Product Recognition Update, manual download from the Novell FileFinder or using the automated options via the Manager, Administration menu, Product Recognition Update option.

When the manual download method is used, the pru file is unzipped by the user.  Inside of the zip file is a text file named PRUVER.TKB.  This file has a date in it for this new PRU.  It compares that date to a date within one of the ZAM database tables named NC_NetCensusInfo (PRUDate).  If the date in the table is older than what is in the PRUVER.TKB then the PRU will get applied.

When the Automatic version is used then all of the above is done via calls from the Manager to the website so the PRU file is not downloaded unless necessary.

If the first application of a PRU fails for some reason, it is possible that the date was already updated in the NC_NetCensusInfo table.  If that date is the same as what is in the PRUVER.TKB file then the PRU will not reapply.  You will need to use the below workaround to avoid the date comparison and allow the PRU to reapply.


  1. Stop the Inventory Process
  2. On the system running the ZAM Manager, set the registry entries mentioned below
  3. Download and apply the PRU
  4. Enable the Inventory Process
  5. (ensure the merge process occurs - if it does not, force a merge by adding a User Defined Field (UDF) and then delete it)
  6. Delete the below mentioned registry entries

HKLM\Software\Tally Systems Corp.\TSCensus\Manager\PRU (create this key if necessary)

<DWORD> ReapplyCurrent=1

<DWORD> ForceFullApply=1



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