20011 error when adding a pool or volume to the eDirectory tree

(Last modified: 11Oct2005)

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Error: 20011 when attempting to upgrade a mounted pool or volume into eDirectory using the Alt + F8 function in NSSMU (NSS Management Utility).


Novell Netware 5.1

Novell Netware 6.0

Novell Netware 6.5

Novell Cluster Services

NSS Management Utility

Novell eDirectory


Cluster services were installed and a cluster resource had previously been created for the pool or volume. Due to a failure or deletion of the pool or volume object, we need to add the objects back into the tree.


The cluster resource for the pool and volume was still in the cluster and was preventing the resource from being recreated. Deleting the cluster resource will then allow the Alt + F8 function in NSSMU to update eDirectory appropriately for both the pool and volume. Once this is accomplished recreate the cluster resource and the issue is resolved.


20011 is a generic NSS error.


Document Title: 20011 error when adding a pool or volume to the eDirectory tree
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Modified Date: 11Oct2005
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