Unable to access CIFS/NFAP share on NetWare server

(Last modified: 29Nov2005)

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Netware 6





Unable to access shares on a CIFS/NFAP enabled server, the CIFS shares were visible but when clicking on the share users were prompted to authenticate when the Authentication mode was set either as Domain or Workgroup. The server CIFS configuration was correct and at the console this was confirmed by typing: "CIFS Info".  Supplying credentials when prompted did not allow access to the Shares on the NetWare server, when supplying credentials no error message was being returned, the user was prompted again to authenticate.

Using NMASMON.NLM or DSTRACE +NMAS  (please see TID 10092261 for more info regarding DSTRACE and NMAS) the following NMAS trace was seen:

6: Sequence Selected == "LSMCIFS"
6: Login Sequence LSMCIFS not valid.
6: Login Sequence NDS is valid.
6: Login Sequence Macintosh Native File Access is valid.
6: Login Sequence Windows Native File Access is valid.


Login Policy had no CIFS method defined.


In ConsoleOne under the Security Object edit the Login Policy Object, there's a drop down list next to "Defined Login Sequence", select lsmcifs from the drop down list and make sure that lsmcifs appears in the right hand side box: "Selected Login Methods". If the sequence lsmcifs does not exist you can create it by clicking on "New Sequence", name this new sequence lsmcifs and then assign lsmcifs from the Available Login Method box. If the lsmcifs method does not exisit in the Available Login method box select the Authorized Login Methods object and right click that and select new object SAS: NMAS Login Method, once that is selected you will be prompted for a configuration file, browse to the server's SYS:PUBLIC\NMAS\Methods\CIFS folder and select the Config.txt file. This will add the lsmcifs method to the authorized login method. You will now be able to assign lsmcifs as Selected Login Sequence.

See also TID #10091495  "Troubleshooting -1660 errors with NMAS Login Methods"


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