nds.conf parameters not found in documentation

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The Online Novell Documentation does not show all parameters for nds.conf


nds.conf parameters not found in documentation 


The man pages in linux provide more information on these parameters. You can access them on your eDirectory server by typing man nds.conf.


The following information has been copied from the man pages for nds.conf on an eDirectory server running on Suse Linux Server 8:

Each entry occupies a single line in the file. Lines  that are  blank,  or  that  start  with  a  pound sign (#), are ignored.

       n4u.nds.preferred-server      The host name of the machine that  hosts  the  eDirectory service. The  default  value is null.

       n4u.base.tree-name            The  tree  name that Account Management uses. This  is  a mandatory  parameter  set by the    Account    Management installer.  This  parameter cannot be set.

       n4u.base.dclient.use-udp      DClient can use UDP in addi­tion  to TCP for communicating with eDirectory servers. This  parameter  enables the UDP transport  feature. 

                                                      The default  value is  null. This parameter takes the value  0  or 1.

       n4u.base.slp.max-wait         The  service location protocol (SLP) timeout API calls.
                                                     The default value is 30. The range is 3-100.  This  value is in seconds.

       n4u.nds.advertise-life-time   eDirectory reregisters itself  with  the  directory agent    after   this   time period.  The  default  value is   3600.   The   range  is 1-65535. This  value  is  in seconds.

       n4u.server.signature-level    Signature  Level  determines the level of enhanced  security   support.   Increasing this value  increases  security,  but decreases performance. The default value  is 1. The range is 0-3.

       n4u.nds.dibdir                        Directory information database. The default  value is /var/nds/dib. This parameter is set during installation  and cannot be modified later.

       n4u.nds.server-guid              This is  a  globally  unique identifier for eDirectory server. The default value is null.

       n4u.nds.server-name           Name of the eDirectory server. The default value is null.

       n4u.nds.bindery-context       Bindery  context string. The default value is null.

       n4u.nds.server-context        The  context in which the eDirectory  server is added. This  parameter  cannot   be set.

       n4u.nds.external-reference-life-span      Specifies the number of hours unused external references  are  allowed to exist before  being  removed.  The default  value  is  192. The range is 1-384.

       n4u.nds.inactivity-synchronization-interval      The interval, in minutes, after which full synchro­nization of the replicas is performed, following a period of no change to the information  held in eDirectory  on  the  server.

                                                                                 The default  value  is  60.  The range is 2-1440.

       n4u.nds.synchronization-restrictions      OFF  allows  synchronization with  any version of eDirectory. ON restricts  synchronization  to version numbers you  specify  as  parameters 

                                                                        (for example ON,420,421). The default value is OFF.

       n4u.nds.janitor-interval         Sets the interval, in minutes,  when the eDirectory janitor process is launched.
                                                      The  default value is 2. The range is 1-10080.

       n4u.nds.backlink-interval       Sets the interval, in min­utes,  when eDirectory backlink consistency is checked.
                                                      The  default  value  is 780. The range is 2-10080.

       n4u.nds.drl-interval               Sets the interval,  in  min­utes,  when  eDirectory distributed reference link consistency  checking  is  performed. The default value is 780. The range is 2-10080.

       n4u.nds.flatcleaning-interval Sets  the  interval, in minutes, when  the  flatcleaner process automatically begins purging and deleting entries from   the   database.  The default value  is  720.  The range is 1-720.

       n4u.nds.server-state-up-threshold        Sets  the  server  state  up threshold, in minutes. This is  the time when eDirectory checks the server state before returning -625 errors. The default value is 30. The range is 1-720.

       n4u.nds.heartbeat-schema      Sets the heartbeat base schema synchronization interval, in minutes. The default value  is  240.  The range is 2-1440.

       n4u.nds.heartbeat-data        Sets  the heartbeat synchro­nization interval in min­utes.  The default value is 60. The range is 2-1440.

       n4u.nds.dofsync               Setting this parameter to  0 increases update performance significantly for large databases,  but there is a risk of database corruption if the system crashes.

       n4u.server.configdir         The eDirectory configuration files are placed here. The default path is /etc

       n4u.server.vardir             The eDirectory and utilities log files are  placed  here. The default path is /var/nds

       n4u.server.libdir               The   eDirectory specific libraries are placed here in a directory nds-modules. The default is /usr/lib

       n4u.server.sid-caching        This  parameter  must be set for enabling SSL session  ID caching.  Refer to the SSL v3.0 RFC  for more details about  session ID caching in SSL.

       n4u.server.tcp-port            Specifies the  default  port to use.

       n4u.server.interfaces         The IP address and port num­ber that the eDirectory server  should listen on for client connections. The value  can  be a comma-sepa­rated list specifying more than one combination of possible  settings.

                                                   You can specify the value as <Interface name>|<IPAddress>@<port>.  You can specify either the whole string or either the interface name or IP address. 

                                                   If the  parameter is not specified in the  nds.conf  file, the  eDirectory  server gets any one IP address with the default  port  specified  in the  n4u.server.tcp-port parameter.      

                                                   If the  n4u.server.tcp-port  parameter  is  also not specified, the  default  port  will  be 524. The possible values are given below.

                                     <Interface         name>|<IPAddress>  -  The  eDirectory
                                     server  gets  the  specified interface name or IP address
                                     with the default port.

                                     <Interface         name>|<IPAddress>@<port>  -  The eDirectory  server   gets   the
                                     default  interface  with the specified port number.

       n4u.server.max-interfaces  This parameter specifies maximum number of interfaces that  eDirectory  will  use.
                                                    This  value can range from 1 to 2048. The  default  value is 128.

       n4u.server.max-openfiles    This parameter specifies the maximum number of file descriptors  that eDirectory can use. The default value is the maximum allowed by the administrator.

       n4u.server.max-threads      This  parameter lists the maximum number of threads that will be started by the eDirectory  server.  This is the number of concurrent operations  that can be done within the eDirectory server.

                                                    The default value is 64 and it can vary  from  32 to  512.   Refer to the eDi­rectory tuning guide to set an optimum value.

       n4u.server.idle-threads       This parameter lists out the maximum number of idle threads  that are allowed in the eDirectory server. The default value is 8 and the range is 1 - 128.

       n4u.server.start-threads     Initial number of threads to be  started.  By  default, 8 threads are started.

       n4u.ldap.lburp.transize       The number of records that will be sent from the Novell Import/Export client to the LDAP server in a single LBURP packet. You can increase the transaction size to ensure that multiple
                                                   add  operations  can be performed in a single  request. The default transaction size is 25. You can provide a transaction size in the hard-limit range of  1 to 250.

       http.server.interfaces        Comma-separated    list   of interfaces that HTTP  server should use.

       https.server.interfaces       Comma   separated   list  of interfaces that HTTPS should use.

       http.server.request-io-buffer-size                  Default IO buffer size.

       http.server.request_timeout-seconds            Server request timeout.

       http.server.keep-timeout-seconds                 Number  of  seconds  to wait for the  next  request  from the  same client on the same connection.

       http.server.threads-per-processor                HTTP thread  pool  size  per processor.

       http.server.session-exp-seconds                  Session  expiration  time in seconds.

       http.server.sadmin-passwd                           Session administrator  password.

       http.server.module-base                               HTTP server webroot.

       https.server.cached-cert-dn                         HTTPS server cached certificate DN.

       https.server.cached-server-dn                     HTTPS server cached DN.

       http.server.trace-level                                  Diagnostic  trace  level  of the HTTP server.

       http.server.auth-req-tls                                HTTP  server  authentication requires TLS.

       http.server.clear-port                                   Server  port  for  the  HTTP protocol.

       http.server.tls-port                                       Server  port  for  the HTTPS protocol.


A sample nds.conf file is given below:
















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