Configuring NRM to Listen on Multiple or Specified Interfaces

(Last modified: 20May2005)

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Configuring NRM to Listen on Multiple or Specified Interfaces


NetWare Remote Manager

Novell NetWare 6.5


NRM can only be accessed from one interface address.

Connecting to NRM returns error, "The connection was refused when attempting to contact %IPAddress:8008."


By default, NRM (HTTPSTK.NLM) only listens and binds on the first-bound IP address.


First, to verify on which address HTTPSTK is listening, use either TCPCON | Protocol Information | TCP -or- NRM | Manage Applications | Protocol Information | TCP and find the listing for ports 8008 and 8009.

Next, you can add or change the interface through either of the following methods:

A- In NRM click on Configure (the check-box icon on the toolbar) | HTTP Interface Management | HTTP IP Address and Port Setup.  This will show the current listening addresses and ports.

To add an address, click on [Open Port], select the radio box for the desired address and click [Next], enter the port addres on which to listen (8008 or 8009), if 8009 is chosen, enter the name of the SSL certificate Keyfile (SSL CertificateIP by default), then click on [Done].

To delete an address, click on the [Close Port] button next to the address and port.

B- From the server command prompt type HELP HTTPBIND.  This displays the syntax and options available for the HTTPBIND command.

To add an address, type HTTPBIND %IPAddress:%Port.  For example, HTTPBIND

If you wish to add a secure port, type HTTPBIND %IPAddress:%Port /SSL /KEYFILE:"%Keyfilename".  For example, HTTPBIND /SSL /KEYFILE:"SSL CertificateIP".

To delete an address, type HTTPUNBIND %IPAddress:%Port.  For example, HTTPUNBIND  NOTE: if no port number is specified, HTTPSTK stops listening on all ports on that IP address.

NOTE: after making any of the changes above, HTTPSTK must be restarted for the changes to take effect.  The easiest way to do this is to use the method in option 'A', then click on the [RESTART] button.


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