How to change the MySQL root password

(Last modified: 11Aug2005)

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MySQL 4.0.16 for NetWare


Forgot root password for MySQL


To change the mysql password for the root user, do the following:

1.  unload mysqld.nlm
2.  at the console, type: mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables --autoclose
3.  at the server console type mysql

This will bring you to the mysql prompt.  At this prompt type the following: (Where ******** is the new password, NOTE: the single quotes ARE REQUIRED)

mysql> UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD('********') WHERE User='root';

Flush privileges will make the change take effect immediately.

You can, in MySQL Version 3.22 and above, use the SET PASSWORD statement: (Where ******** is the new password, NOTE: the single quotes ARE REQUIRED)

shell> mysql -u root mysql
mysql> SET PASSWORD FOR root=PASSWORD('********');

Another way to set the password is by using the mysqladmin command: (Where ******** is the new password)

shell> mysqladmin -u root password ********
shell> mysqladmin flush-privileges


Also note, you can change the password for other users by changing root to the other user's name


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