Quickfinder Indexing process abends POA

(Last modified: 29Jul2004)

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Novell GroupWise 6.5

Novell GroupWise POA (postoffice agent)

GroupWise Quickfinder index


Quickfinder Indexing process abends POA


Too many folders in the user records


Run GwCheck with the special option DELDUPFOLDERS several times until no 'error 79'  occur anymore


Most likely this will happen on one or more postoffices in the system, but also it does not have to happen to every postoffice

GwCheck should be run with the following options:
-Under the 'Logging' Tab set level to 'Verbose' (so you can see the error)
-Under the 'Misc' Tab set the option "DELDUPFOLDERS'


Document Title: Quickfinder Indexing process abends POA
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