Upgrading Management Agent removes desktop icons until reboot/NAL refresh

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Upgrading Management Agent removes desktop icons until reboot/NAL refresh


Novell ZENworks for Desktops 4 - ZFD4

Novell ZENworks Management Agent


If the Management Agent is upgraded on a workstation, the old agent is automatically uninstalled first. At that point, if NAL explorer is used, NAL delivered icons on the desktop are deleted, and at the end of the install process, NAL delivered icons in the start menu are also deleted.
This is normally not a problem, if you allow the workstation to reboot immediately. However, if it is a requirement that the workstation reboot be left until later (say the end of the day) then this is an inconvenience since the user does not have access to any NAL icons to launch programs


Execute the file sys:public\mgmt\consoleone\1.2\lib\zen\autorun.exe in the post-distribution script, the NAL will refresh, and the icons will return (this requires that the Workstation object has file rights to read the executable). This file will be found on servers that have ZENworks Imaging installed, and can, of course, be copied to a more convenient location if desired.


The system tray icon (if shown, depending on Launcher Configuration) can be used to refresh the NAL, the icons will then return.


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