Switch between Unrestricted and Collection Owner/Assigned Access

(Last modified: 18Jan2005)

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Novell NetWare 6.5

Novell NetWare 6

Novell iManager 2.0.x


Switch between Unrestricted and Collection Owner/Assigned Access

Connect in Unrestricted Acesss mode

Connect in Assigned Access mode

Connect in Collection Owner Access mode

User logs in and has Assigned Access instead of Collection Owner Access.


iManager has been reinstalled without removing the Role Base Services Container and objects. (so the assigned roles and tasks would not be lost)  Even though the RBS collection objects are still in the tree, when accessing iManager, it will only connect in Unrestricted Access.  

When accessing iManager 2.0.x, a bhCollectionList attribute is read off of the cn=PCO,ou=Extend object to determine the access type.


To point to an existing RBS Collection object in the tree: 

Use ConsoleOne to view the properties of the PCO object.  On the Other tab, add an "bhCollectionList" attribute.  Once added, browse to the RBS Collection object in the tree.

Log out of iManager and log back in you will be switched from Unrestricted Access to Collection Owner/Assigned Access

Also it is important to note that the designation of Collection Owner is given through attributes existing on the RBS Collection & User objects:

On the User there is an "rbsOwnedCollections" attribute

On the RBS Collection there is an "Owner" attribute.

The easiest way to repair this if for some reason you are the owner but when you login you only see yourself with "Assigned Access" then you can login to iManager and go to Configure | Collection Configuration and then unassign the current affected owner and then add one back (can be the same user).  Or in the case where there is no owner simply add one.  Then log out and then back into iManager and you should now see yourself with Collection Owner Access.


The "Unrestricted Access"  mode displays all of the roles and tasks installed.  Although all roles and tasks are visible, the authenticated user will still need the necessary rights to use the tasks.


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