How to move a Printer Agent to a different NDPS Manager

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NetWare 5.1 SP5

NetWare 6

NDPS Version 3.00f


How to move a Printer Agent to a different NDPS Manager

Moving a PA from one NDPS Manager to another NDPS Manager


One can use the Novell NetWare Server Consolidation Utility to move a Printer Agent to another NDPS Manager.

Download Novell NetWare Server Consolidation Utility from 

Install and run the utility.

Backup the Source and Destination NDPS Manager DB
Main Menu on the NDPS Manager Console on the Server Console | NDPS Manager Status and Control | Database Options | Backup Database Files.

If your Printer Agent(PA) services queues go to Step B.

Step A: Moving the Printer Agent
File | New | NetWare NDS/Edir Tree | Make sure you meet the minium requirements | Create a Project Name | Select the 
source and destination tree (login to them if need before hand). | Browse to the NDPS Manager and expand it | Select the 
desired PA and drag and drop it to the desired NDPS Manager in the right hand pane.

Step B: If your Printer Agent(PA) services queues
Use NWAdmin to remove the association of the Queue to the PA.
Select the PA | details | Printer Control tab | Jobs v | Spooling Configuration | Near the bottom under "Service Jobs From 
NetWare Queues" Delete any queues, otherwise the Consolidation Utility will give the following error message.
NDPS Error: Can't move this printer agent since it is servicing Queues. Source print manager: NDPSMgrA.Context Destination  print manager: NDPSMgrB.Context Printer Agent: NDPS_Test_PA2 Once the PA is no longer servicing the queue go to Step A.

Step C: Confirm the PA moved to the desired NDPS Manager.
Remote into the Server that has the NDPS Manager Active, one should see the PA loaded on the new NDPS Manager.
Test printing to it.

Step D: If your PA was servicing a Queue go to the Details of the Printer Agent details | Printer Control tab | Jobs v | 
Spooling Configuration | Near the bottom under "Service Jobs From NetWare Queues" | re-add the queue.   One should be able  to do this process quickly enough to minimize the impact to the printing user.  If one desires to move the queue.  Go to  Step E:

Step E: Moving the Queue.
One can use a 3rd party tool to move the queues. This however is not supported. 
NDSPIE from Coolsolutions

Or manually do the following
Write down the exact name of the queue. IE: TestQ | In the same context | Object Create | Select Print Queue | Choose 
Directory Service Queue | For the queue name put the name of the former queue | now select the new desired volume |
The user will need to re-login to re-run the login script with the capture command. Other wise they will get this message:
"LPT1  Capturing data to unknown print queue"
Example of a capture statement in the login script: #Capture lpt1 q=.testq.context nff nb nt ti=10

If you need to convert the Printer Agent from HP Gateway or Epson etc to Novell SNMP (NDPSGW.NLM)
You will need this: PAcvrt.exe /GWLISTALL

You can find the latest PACVRT.EXE here.


Moving Public Access Printers may not apply.


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