Abend: CPU Hog Abend when loading NLDAP.NLM.

(Last modified: 16Jul2003)

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Novell NetWare 6 Support Pack 3


Abend:  CPU Hog Abend when loading NLDAP.NLM.

Error:  Crit Unknown error (10091):make_secure_socket


Remark NLDAP load line in AUTOEXEC.NCF as a temporary workaround to help stablize the server.  It will probably be necessary to get a coredump to troubleshoot further.


Setting CPU Hog Timeout Amount to 0 (zero) resulted in the server hanging.


Document Title: Abend:  CPU Hog Abend when loading NLDAP.NLM.
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Solution ID: NOVL91117
Creation Date: 16Jul2003
Modified Date: 16Jul2003
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