How can I start a server without mounting an NSS SYS volume?

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How can I start a server without mounting an NSS SYS volume?


Novell NetWare 6.5

Novell NetWare 6


How do I deactivate NSS volumes when starting up a server?

Using NSSstart.cfg to autodeactivate NSS volumes on server bootup.


NSS Free Tree block xxx is corrupt on pool "SYS"


Create a file called NSSstart.cfg in the servers C:\NWSERVER directory.

Place the following line in this file:

NSS will automatically look for the NSSstart.cfg file in the C:\NWSERVER directory and will read this when loading.

This will result in the NSS pools being in "DEACTIVE" state and it is then possible to run a rebuild, e.g. nss /PoolRebuild=sys

For NetWare 6.5 another way to bring the server up without activating pools is useing the server -z"/poolautodeact=sys"

One option to use especially if the pool is failing to mount while coming up with Processing volume purge log when repairing the sys pool would be the nss /poolrebuild=sys /purge 

Remember to remove the /poolAutoDeactivate=all from the NSSstart.cfg to resume regular server start


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