Appointments show incorrect time in WebAccess

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Appointments show incorrect time in WebAccess

Email show incorrect time in WebAccess

Appointments show one hour off in WebAccess

Email show one hour off in WebAccess

Daylight Saving Time Change does not seem to be synchronized to the user level


The Daylight Saving Time End Settings were manually changed from last Sunday in September to last Sunday in October in the timezone definition


Reported to development

If the user has set their timezone in WebAccess at a time when the timezone definition was incorrect then the appointment and mail times will show incorrectly.  Changing these settings in ConsoleOne does not change the values held within the user database, so the user will continue to see the wrong time.

Workaround: Manually change the Time Zone Setting in the WebAccess client from the current setting to something else and then back again.  The timezone setting is on the Options screen.

In GroupWise 6.5 SP4 GWCheck has been modified to include an option to remove these timezone settings from the user database.

Download the latest SP4 agents (to run GWCheck from within ConsoleOne) or the latest SP4 GWCheck, if available.  In the GWCheck interface select Reset Client Option under Actions and then enter ClearTZ on the Misc tab.  Hit Run.  This will clear the TZ fields for all the selected users.


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